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I had a one-time event last week. I suddenly became

Resolved Question:

I had a one-time event last week. I suddenly became violently nauseous after eating, and finally vomited. My husband was helping me to bed, and I looked down and my ankles were swollen beyond belief, which I do not have ankle swelling. I insisted on weighing myself, was urinating all night long, and lost 14 lbs in 8 hours when I weighed myself in the morning. I have had foot, ankle, feet and finger swelling ever since. I did not run a fever and the only symptom that is lingering is the swelling, which seems to slowly be resolving. I do have a complicated history (RA, etc.), but have never had a episode this list before. I see my rheumatologist in a week, which will be two weeks since it happened. I could kick myself for not getting pictures. Today I am still swollen up all over, but have serious pain in all my joints, some with are hot and red, but already were swollen. I cannot decide if this is an RA flare (never had one, mild RA) or maybe a kidney problem. Any comments? Thank you for this service!
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. RK replied 5 years ago.
Dear customer,

What is the exact location of swelling?
is it over ankles or all over the leg?
any associated redness, tenderness?
did you have any blood test done?
what are the drugs you are taking?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

The top of the foot where the ankle and foot flexes is the worst spot for the swelling. The veins in this area are now very pronounced and the skin has turned brown.

The ankles swell, but it come and goes

My fingers are swollen

There is redness and tenderness on both feet on the inside "ball" joint of the ankle - swollen, red, and tender to TOUCH. Today I am all crippled up with pain in almost all joints - this is highly unusual.

I have not seen a doctor. I was just hospitalized for a heart drug combo that went south. I saw my primary afterwards and complained on a urinary problem and he did a urinalysis and culture, which were "close" to being bacterial, but no action was taken. It got so bad over five days that the stinging and burning was not just during urination, but all the time. The whole area felt swollen and I was using hot packs on my "down there" area to try to get the burning and swollen feeling to improve. This is the second time in six months I have had this symptom, which is new.

I am on

Synthroid (no thyroid)

Savelle (severe fibro)

Clonzonepam (anxiety)

Prilosec (history of Barretts Esophagus and active LPR/GERD)

Imdur (angina, this was added to Coreg and I had reaction that put me in the hospital recently -- on a side note, I was taken off the Coreg and wondering if it was holding this swelling back, as I had been on it for a year for the angina which is either Syndrome X as I supposedly have no heart disease)

I am PRN 6 times a day Perocet 10 mg with 325 tylenol, usually taking 3 a day - this is new before this episode, started just a few days earlier.

I believe I am going to be diagnosed with rare additional psoriatic arthritis at next visit to rheumy next week, which explains alot of the bizarreness surrounding my RA as I dont fit into the RA box for swollen joints, swelling, etc. I am RF and anti-CCP positive, sero-positive. The rheumy pulled me from my DMARDS of Minocin as he doesnt believe in the ABX treatment of RA, which started with scarlet fever as a child, then rheumatic fever). I AM ON NO RA MEDICATIONS WHICH I FIND BIZARRE.

It's complicated, sorry :)

Expert:  Dr. RK replied 5 years ago.
Dear customer,

The ankle swelling along with pain, tenderness and redness may be due to various caauses of arthritis.The rheumatoid arthritis may be a common complication following sore throat, fever in the childhood.

The treatment is aimed symptomatically with minimum possible drugs to control the pain and swelling.The NSAID like motrin, advil etc may be taken to control the symptoms and if the symptoms are severe then other higher drugs for rheumatoid arthritis are used.

The other causes of swelling are heart failure, kidney failure, liver failure, clot in leg veins,side effect of certain drugs, should also be ruled out.

The urinary infection should also be ruled out as sometimes the infection may complicate to altered renal function and cause edema.

You should have the blood tests like serum urea, creatinine, urine c/s, blood counts, liver function test, 2d echo of heart to know the underlying cause and know any other abnormality.

The drugs like coreg may also cause leg edema over dependent parts and if symptoms do not improve then consult the doctor for the same.

Here is the link for more information

causes of ankle edema

side effect of coreg

Let me know if need any more information

Thank you
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