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I have a small blood dot on my lower lip just inside my

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I have a small blood dot on my lower lip just inside my mouth on the top. I had all my blood work done on March 28th. All clear, but I have had major anxiety for over 6 weeks. Never been sick hardly a cold in years. But I do chew tabacoo and have for years. When I have anxiety i find myself trying to clear my throat. Today this blood spot showed up and I have had this crack in the corner of my mouth for about two weeks and it has a tiny scab on it and seems to be healed but I am a little freaked out about oral cancer. Can you tell me anything that might help. I would really appreciate it.
On Call MD :

Welcome to Just Answer it is my pleasure to help you

On Call MD :

do you feel any lumps in your mouth?

On Call MD :

any masses in head neck or oral cavity?

Customer: No lumps or sores of any kind
Customer: No masses either
On Call MD :

any Unexplained numbness, loss of feeling, or pain tenderness in any area of the face, mouth, or nec

On Call MD :

any Difficulty chewing or swallowing, speaking, or moving the jaw or tongue

On Call MD :

any unintentional weight loss?

Customer: Not that I can tell but I have been full of anxiety and when I get that feeling I have to keep clearing my throat
On Call MD :

i see your point why you have anxiety knowing the realation between chewing tobacco and mouth cancer

Customer: I have found that I have had some short memory loss like names of people but then I remember quickly
Customer: No problem chewing, swallowing or problems with my jaw that I can tell
On Call MD :

what i would recommend i going to the dentist and taking a biopsy so you can feel better that would be the only way to confirm that you dont have oral cancer

On Call MD :

even though with no lumbs,swelling weight loss difficulty in chewing or lymph node appearence it is unlikley to have oral cancer

Customer: Is the blood dot a problem.
On Call MD :

The development of velvety white, red, or speckled (white and red) patches in the mouth.

On Call MD :

rough spots/crusts/or eroded areas on the lips, gums, or other areas inside the mouth.

On Call MD :

can be a symptom of oral cancer yes but just one tiny red dot is most probably not

On Call MD :

as i said what we call brush biopsy done by the dentist will confirm that most probably there is no cancer

Customer: My inside lip gets irritated from the chew but has for years. The doctor looked in my moth last mouth and said everything looked ok and my blood work showed no cancer. It is a little white On my lip where the chew was.
On Call MD :

if physical exam does not look suspecious then you should not worry

On Call MD :

however if a mass develop or the spot becomes bigger you should reevaluate immediately with your GP

Customer: I am calling a dentist to have my teeth cleaned and I will ask about the spot. It was strange I took a nap this afternoon and when I woke up the dot was there.
On Call MD :

I wouldnt worry about it that much just monitoring it for now should be ok

Customer: I am 49 and I really have been looking at my life and my mortality has just really kicked in. If the spot is cancerous would this be a very early symptom
On Call MD :

we can not assume that you have cancer just because of red spot if all work up is negative and physical exam is negative as i said the last thing is doing a biopsy to confirm it

Customer: Ok thank you for your help and I will monitor the dot. Plus as I said I am meeting my dentist for a cleaning and will discuss the biopsy. Thanks for help and time
On Call MD :

you are most welcome

On Call MD :

did i answer your question today?

Customer: You think I should be ok but to know for sure I should have the biopsy done or monitor it for a while and see if it goes away or gets bigger or both
On Call MD :


On Call MD :

best of luck

Customer: Thanks
On Call MD :

if you have any other questions let me know

Customer: Ok have a good night
On Call MD :

please hit ACCEPT if you dont have any more questions so I would get compensated for my time and answer

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