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How long does it take for broken ribs to heal. I do not believe

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How long does it take for broken ribs to heal. I do not believe they are terrible fractures, three ribs, one protrudes a bit. Just wondering about how long the pain lasts. I have good, healthy bones, was in a motorcycle accident and the emergency room doctors were amazed that with all the soft tissue damage I had that I had not broken more bones. I am however, 53 years old and not my quick healing 23 years old anymore and am female, small framed and not heavy.
Hi, I'm Doctor Robert, a Medical Internist (MD) who deals with diseases of all organ systems. All my education has been completed in the US.

Broken ribs can take up to a month (or more) due to the repeated movements during breathing alone. These are tough bones to heal.

Also, keep in mind that your probably had cartilage separation from the rib, and THAT pain can last months.

There is no way to cast them unfortunately.

Here's my plan of action in a numbered list.
1. Take Over the Counter (OTC) pain relievers as directed on the bottle
2. Avoid lifting objects over 20 lbs
3. Avoid twisting more than 20 degrees to either side.
4. If you develop ACUTE shortness of breath then you need to go to the Emergency Room because the rib may have shaken loose and punctured the lung. That's SERIOUS stuff.
5. There is no way to SPEED up rib fracture healing.
6. Be sure they evaluated the collar bones, as this is often missed after motorcycle or motor vehicle accident s(MVA).
7. Tincture of time is on your side.


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