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I hit my head acident over 2 months ago and have had

Customer Question

I hit my head acident over 2 months ago and have had headaches only in that area where my head was othernarea on my head.i never get feels like my skull is hurting and at times feels like i have compartment sydrome on that side of my head from the pressure.yes it gets better at times but never goes away and the pain had not decreases.when it hutrs it feels like a level 7 ache when it doesnt hurt as much like a level 2-3.i had ct scan approx 2 months ago and was negative so was mro done a month ago.i hadmy first ct scan done in october of the brain snice iwoke up with numbness in extremitie.s.i thought ihad a mild stroke and have had ct done in oct last year.then the numb feeling in y face started occuring then i had a ct in jan and mri that was normal.thein i hit my head accidently a few times after that and started having severe headaches for months.I went to the er in feb this year after waking up not with a numb hand but inability to move my entire right hand . i was able tomove my hand after about 4 minutes.i went to er ct was normal.i wentback 1 week later becuase my head was severe pain at the saME location where i accidently hit my head.they gave me iv meds and sent me home.i have had 3 cts of my head since last october but i woke up about 3 weeks ago with severe back pain unable to move without severe pain.i have been out of work 2 weeks.mri showed degenerative disks but concussions cause cause back pain also due to pressure in head so this may be the cause since the disks are degenerative they had been there for a while/my question is my neuroligist doesnt think i have a concussion sincemy mri and ct are normal.i have had pretty sever head pain for 2 months plus the other symptims such as mood changes due to the pain and possible question is should i ask for another ct since the problem isnt improving over 2 month.this would be 4 ct of the head since last this too much radation or is is worth the risk to scheck for problems that may have develpoed in 2 months.if i hit my head 2 months ago could they be damage now due to theheadache not going away.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  DrRussMD replied 5 years ago.
You do not need another CT
This can be post concussion syndrome and should get better on its own.
But the neurologist should consider sometimes migraine medicine or anti-seizure medicines can help resolve this situation.

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