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I have continual mucus in the back of my throat all the time

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I have continual mucus in the back of my throat all the time and on my voice box. I have to clear my throat to keep talking or to sing. Every 15-20 minutes I have the buildup. I have been tested for reflux, lung x ray was clear. I had surgery for sleep apnia, removal of tonsels, uvala and base tongue somnoplasty. I had my sinuses scraped for grainy tissue suspected to cause sinus infections. In the morning I blast air from my lunge to clear mucus stuck in my bronchials or throat. Then it is sucking out of sinuses, then coughting up mucus from my throat. This is an hour process. I have tried Mucanex, Mucus clear, claridan, alegra, all types of over the counter stuff. I have double dosed at times because the mucas was so bad. I exercise and do deep breathing exercises that break up mucas and I cough it up. My concern is my sleep. I am now having to take naps during the day at lunch to function. Heading back to sleep apnia I am afraid. The mucus is so bad it flops down on my voice box and I am forced to clear my throat.
This problem has been going on for 20 + years all total.
Please help,
David Kesler
What is your height and weight?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I am 74" (6'-2") and weight is 220 lbs
any other medical history
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I have been tested for all types of alergies using skin test and blood test. I have some alergies but all are minor and seasonal. I have this condition all the time everywhere I go. From Arizona, Washington, Florida, alabama, Virginia etc. I have tried antiobiotics avolox, amoxicilin etc. The avolox seem to help some with 2X recommended sinus medicine but I don't want to overdose on things all the time.
I have improved the filtration in my home, have hepa filter and also on my vacuum cleaner. I drink only powdered milk and bottled water. Minimal spices.
but has anyone tested for PH testing in the esophagus.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
No, no one has ever suggested that.
Often times with mucus there is acid coming up into the throat.
Everyone treats everything else under the sun but 4 weeks of nexium might solve the problem.
Ph monitoring done by a GI doctor can casually show if you have acid coming up..without addressing that you will not solve the problem.

Suggest see the gastroenterologist.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I took acis reflux medication for 4 months with no change (not nexium), then I was tested for acid refulx by the gastrientrologist and found that I didn't have reflux. Is it possible the PH is high and in combination with other problems is the cause.
unless you had the ph testing then there is no reliable test to rule this out..not a scope or anything else.
You have to wear a ph monitor in the esophagus.

That is why it gets missed.
but you were treated.

However, I would have this testing done.

Just like allergy testing should be done.
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