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Pre pyloric stomach. What is this?

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What is a pre pyloric stomach? I had an endoscopy cause I am having trouble swallowing. Does pre pyloric stomach mean I have that horrible bacteria H Pylori? Dr said I have this. Dr. stretched or dilated passageway but I still have trouble swallowing liquid or solid, it gets stuck. Then finally goes down.

Thank you.  I'm 69 years old.

Pre' means before and' Pyloric' is the name of the valve on top of stomach. The pyloric valve functions as a trapdoor to keep food and gastric juices in the stomach. The esophagus (and mouth, which is part of the GI Tract) would be Pre-Pyloric.

That's the definition. As to what it is referring to in YOUR case, I'm not 100% clear without additional information. If you were endoscoped, perhaps the doctor found something he found abnormal. In that case, biopsies could have been taken.
If a stricture was dilated, then the cause would have to be determined. I believe, and this is not certain, that you likely had reflux into the lower part of the food tube (esophagus) and this caused a stricture that was dilated. This should have been biopsied as Barrett's esophagus, which is this disorder, is pre-cancerous.
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Thank you so much.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Would H Pylori have been detected from the the pathology sent? All biopsies were OK. = Reflux esophagities Report sts. No diverticula, candidiasis, mass, inflammation, or ulceration noted.

Would H Pylori been detected or does other tests need to be done to find this bacteria?

H. Pylori is a special test that takes a variety of forms. It can be tested for during endoscopy, by blood samples, and in the stool. It can also be tested for with an urea breath test, although biopsy of visualized lesions is the best test available. You can read about them here:

If positive, the treatment is pretty standard and effective.

Thank you so much.

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