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I have a sharp stabbing pain in my left inner thigh about

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I have a sharp stabbing pain in my left inner thigh about 2-3 inches below the groin, it comes and goes, sometimes it gives you twitching to warn you, sometimes no warning and i scream at the top of my lungs in agonizing pain. I try to stand on it, rub it, the only thing i see might be working is heat but don't know for sure-doctor put me on orphenadrine, all blood work came back normal, sodium level normal. Imagine being stabbed in the leg al of a sudden, and then twisting the knife for another 30-45 seconds, sometimes longer, some are shorter, but always starts with a burst of pain, no soreness anywhere else during or after attack. Under there are several cases like mine but no one seems to have the answer. It happened to me about 30 times yesterday and like 3 times today, some more severe than the others. Please only answer if you have had a patient with the same symptoms and know what I can do. I am trying a heating pad all night to see if it makes it go away or lessens the time of pain.
Yoo should get an emergency doppler ultrsound study of the veins and arteries in thsi area to exlcude thrombosis / blood clot.

Hello JA customer.

Intense pain in the soft tissues is either a strong muscle cramp or due to a blood clot.

If you are negative for blood cot, you should take pain killers like tramadol / ultram .

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