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Pooping alot more than the usual, diet hasnt changed. Ive

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Pooping alot more than the usual, diet hasnt changed. Ive read that pooping alot could be a sign of infection. So could pooping alot be a sign of HIV?

Hello, how many times a day do you open your bowels?

Is it very water/loose?

Any blood or mucus in the stool?

Any nausea or vomiting?

How long has this been a problem?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Nauseas sometimes, no no vomiting at all, and the poop is brown and normal, but I seem to be having trouble keeping the weight on. And yea it bleeds a little sometimes. I saw a GI doctor and he put me on lanzoprasole and another medicine for irritable bowel syndrome, but I still have these symptoms. Could this be HIV?

Looking back at the information you gave me before, then it is unlikley to be HIV. There are many causes of loose stools, and I would hope that your doctor has sent off some samples to be tested for other infections that cause gasteroenteritis and C. Diff.

If you have not had a colonoscopy then this would be the next investigation to look inside the lining of the intenstine for signs of inflammatory bowel disease. Although bleeding may simply be haemorrhoids, it could also suggest some inflammation inside the intestine.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thanks, ***** ***** go back to my doctor. Also, my coworkers have been commenting on the way I look lately. They say I look "pale, anemic, unhealthy, tired, and not like myself." And I also noticed that. Could this be related to malbsorption?
Malabsorption due to rapid GI transit or inflammed intestines can certainly cause vitamin and iron deficiency. Your doctor should check your blood including full blood count, calcium, magnesium and vitamin B12.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Hi doctor thanks for responding. He did run blood work and everything came back normal. I dont understand the cause of my paleness. He checked for liver function, celiac disease, even lyme disease, the only thing that came back high was my arthritis test. I have an app with an specialist on monday. Could the pooping a lot and weight loss all be related to arthritis? the inside of my elbows hurt but only elbows not knees.

It depends which 'arthritis test', inflammatory bowel disease may raise some inflammatory markers in the same way that arthritis will.

Rheumatoid arthritis may cause loose stools in some patients, however people with Crohns Disease may also have inflamed joints. So you definately need more investigations to see which is the predominant problem.

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