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Dr. R. Bora
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I have an unbearable shooting pain starting from right shoulder blade going down my arm hu

Resolved Question:

I have an unbearable shooting pain starting from right shoulder blade going down my arm hurting arm and elbow sharp firey pain, Also arm is numb fingers are tingley. There is no comfortable spot to set arm with out hurting. I can not left anything with it and have not sleept well for a week and a half.
Any suggestions please help.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. R. Bora replied 5 years ago.
Hello JA customer.

You may be having a a pinched nerve in the neck causing not only shoulder pain but radiation down the arm. Get an X ray of the neck done to see if you have degenerative arthritis and a disc lesion. In case you have these lesions, you should see a physiatrist (physical therapy and medicine specialist) and get therapy for a few days.

You can apply hot towel compress over the painful area. Take advil 800mg for pain control or stronger prescription medicines like ultram.

I hope my answer is helpful to you.

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