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I want to get a prescription for Duromine but my local Gp will

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I want to get a prescription for Duromine but my local Gp will not give it to me. I have had it before.

Thanks for your question.

For how many months did you take Duromine? What is your present weight and height?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Since losing the weight many years ago my local GP has given 2 months supply every year as a maintance but she no longer works in my area anymore.

My current weight is 75kgs and 168cm tall. I have gained about 5 kgs over the past 12 months and just can't seem to shift it but I know Duromine will help me do that as it has in the past.

Thanks for your reply.

Basically your BMI is 26.6. To be honest with you doctors mostly prescribe weight loss medications only when the BMI is above 30, which are to be taken only for a short-term, along with a low calorie diet and exercise, for weight reduction.
Though there are many diets and eating plans to help lose weight, the only proven long-term and safe method is to burn more calories than are ingested.
You need to embrace a healthy eating lifestyle by choosing a variety of nutrient-rich foods, including fruits, vegetables and whole grains and small amounts of energy-dense foods like olive oil, nuts and dried fruits, along with exercise, and you can ask your doctor about the right type of activities for you, since even small amounts of activity provide immediate benefits.

Exercise is a must and is an adjunctive to weight loss, and you can start it initially by walking 30 minutes 3 times/week.

Strength training is also a safe and beneficial activity for adults of all ages.

For more details read here:

You can also try out low-impact exercises, such as water aerobics and water resistance training.

Another approach would be Cognitive behavioral therapy which is helpful in changing and reinforcing new dietary and physical activity behaviors.

Please read this article to know more about prescription weight loss pills and who will benefit from them:

Please read this article to know more about Alli medication which is available OTC:

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