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Dr. Tharun
Dr. Tharun, Doctor
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The tip of my nose is a bit swollen and quite tender. The

Resolved Question:

The tip of my nose is a bit swollen and quite tender. The doctor said its an infection from picking at my nose with tissues that are knocking around the house possibly dusty. I am using bacitracin ointment and I have been on augmentin 500 since Thursday night. I have had 4 out of twenty doses. When will my nose be normal again?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. Tharun replied 5 years ago.

Dr.Tharun :


Dr.Tharun :

Is there any fever? Is it responding to the augmentin?

Customer: There is no fever. No redness either. I just feel like my whole face and neck are puffy but they aren't. Only my nose is very slightly swollen at the tip
Customer: I just want my nose to feel normal
Customer: The glands under my chin were painful and swollen on Thursday but they don't hurt anymore
Dr.Tharun :

It is soft tissue infection of the nose region and should respond to the antibiotics and will revert to normal once the infection settles.

Customer: How long does that take and why does my whole face feel weird if it looks normal?
Dr.Tharun :

Use ice fomentation and anti-inflammatory drugs for swelling and pain.It should be OK in 7-10 days time.

Customer: Do I need to worry about it spreading? Is 500 augmentin enough or do I need stronger
Customer: Is it normal for my whole face to feel funny?
Dr.Tharun :

It is an important feature of the face and it will make the face look funny.

Customer: It doesn't look funny it feels funny. Do I need stronger meds?
Dr.Tharun :

Seems like the painful nodes are painless already- signs of response.Usually 500 three times can be given for adults

Dr.Tharun :

Or 1 gm twice.

Customer: I have 500 twice a day. If it takes 7-10 days, when should I see some improvement? You are saying the tip of my nose can make my whole face feel yucky?
Dr.Tharun :

Swollen nose can alter the appearance.Within 48 - 72 hours you should see improvement.

Customer: So by tomorrow I should see improvement? Also it's not my appearance it's how my face feels, is that normal? Do I need to worry about spreading?
Dr.Tharun :

They are signs of infection and congestion in the region.Any infection anywhere in the body can spread.Chances are very less when on antibiotics.

Dr.Tharun :

already the nodes are painless, which means the antibiotics are working.Keep yourself hydrated and take adequate rest.

Customer: Ok. Should I see the doctor again Monday?
Dr.Tharun :

Yes , if the nose is still tender and looks angry.

Customer: It's tender but it looks fine. How do I know whether or not to go back to see him?
Customer: Does this happen to people a lot if they mess with a dry nose?
Dr.Tharun :

The tenderness will come down and general feeling of illness will be less.It is not very common , but not rare.

Customer: It just goes away in a few days? I ave only felt sick 48 hours and taken antibiotics for 40 but it seems like I should feel fine by now
Customer: I guess because it's my face it's really annoying
Dr.Tharun :

They should be tried for 3 days at least before a conclusion can be drawn.

Customer: What happens if I'm not better Monday? What do they do?
Dr.Tharun :

Step up the antibiotics or start you on IV antibiotics.

Customer: Ok. But this is curable?
Dr.Tharun :


Customer: Ok, I know I'm freaking out but this is weird and I'm a mom and well... You know
Customer: With my face all sensitive it's hard to do my housework
Dr.Tharun :

I understand and hope you become alright fast.

Customer: Thank you for your help
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