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Dr. Rick, MD
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I injured my right shoulder years ago but never realized the

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I injured my right shoulder years ago but never realized the extent of injury until recently after begining to exercise again. Using the gerber lift off test I have no strength and am unable to lift my hand off my back. This is compared to my strong left arm.
When I throw a ball hard or serve a tennis ball hard there is a sharp pain.
I recently went to physical therapy and the therapist tested my range of motion and narrowed it down to a injured subscapularis muscle(tendon?)
He said he can show me stretches and ways to strengthen it in further sessions.
My question is being 35 years old and this not being a relatively new injury whats the chance that PT could fix this problem? From what I have read online, PT should be tried first but with this kind of injury healing on its own doesn't sound feasible. Its seems Surgery is usually recommended. Can doing strengthening and stretching do further damage?
Since I have no strength when my arms behind my back this really worries me that its something that PT won't be able to remedy.
Should I make the soonest appoint with a shoulder specialist to get an MRI?
Thank you for your time
wieyedoc :

I believe that surgery should always be your last option, not your first. As such, PT would by my first choice.

wieyedoc :

It is very difficult to tell if PT would make things worse or even if PT will make it better without knowing a lot more about the pathophysiology of your particular situation.

wieyedoc :

As such, I agree with you: Have a complete exam by a shoulder specialist and, if indicated by clinical exam, an MRI or other imaging study.

wieyedoc :

Does this make sense to you?

wieyedoc :

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