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My palm (below the thumb to the wrist) started swelling over

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My palm (below the thumb to the wrist) started swelling over a week ago. There seems to be a sharp pain right in the middle of the swelling but not more painful by bending it in various directions. The swelling is painful and growing causing more stiffness now. As the swelling grew, the veins on my palm started to protrude.
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Before being able to answer you in a better manner some additional information is required, please
1. Is there any change in sensations in the fingers?
2. have you been examined so far?
3. what medical conditions are diagnosed so far for you and on what medications are you on for them?
It looks like that you have gone offline.
The most probable diagnosis, considering the symptoms,working routine on the computer and age, is Carpal Tunnel syndrome.
The treatment initially involves a conservative approach. This includes resting the rest for at least 2 to 3 weeks (which means no typing or activities involving the use of wrist). It is highly preferable to use wrist brace.
If you are a diabetic with uncontrolled high random glucose values then controlling them would help too.
Besides the wrist brace cool pack application would also help minimize the inflammation and hence the pain. The inflammation can also be minimized by taking anti inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen.
In people where the conservative approach fails we have to turn to surgical approach.
Here is a link for your interest
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I suspect it might be carpal tunnel syndrome however there is no loss of sensation in my fingers, no am I experiencing any funny feelings on any part of any of my fingers. The pain seems to be isolated to the centre of the swelling. There is no actual pain at the wrist area. However moving the hand right to left and vice versa, I believe due to the swelling and stiffness, there is some pain and difficulty moving my hand.
I'm applied Medi Ice, put a compression bandage on because I don't have a wrist guard at home for the moment, and taken an Endone. I don't know how I can stop using my hand as using the computer is vital to my job. The hand affected is my right hand and I'm right handed.
I have not seen a doctor as I've just returned from a long trip overseas and thought I could live with the pain and let it subside on its own. I had to return to work immediately. However today the swelling seemed at its worst point since it started a week ago, making it very difficult to to work.
I am diabetic, type 2.
Thank you for the detailed information

It would be best to be examined by a doctor at this time so that a plan of treatment can be initiated starting with the conservative approach. Besides that he/she would also be able to get you a bed rest orders (if that is the issue for you not being able to rest)

If there is yet no change in sensation then probably the inflammation has yet to reach that point in time.

If you do not care for it at this time then the only way it is going to go for is worsening and its only going to get difficult to treat.

It would be best to check with your sugar controls by getting a blood test done called glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) to check for the average blood sugars for the last three months. As blood sugar irregularities can also be a contributing factor.

Endone contains oxycodone which is only good at pain control and not at inflammation control so at present a better option would be Ibuprofen as it has the dual role of pain as well as inflammation control.

Wrist guard is a better idea then a compression bandage since knowing exactly how to apply it and the exact pressure required would not be your field of being good at so its always better to go for some thing specifically designed for the purpose.

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