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I have had the following tests done due to fatigue, brain

Resolved Question:

I have had the following tests done due to fatigue, brain fog, and stomach problems. The following test have been run only to show normal results: CBC - Hemogram, Auto WBC, Sed Rate, Routine Chemistry, Enzymes Urine Analysis H-Pylori Test Abdominal Ultrasound, X-Ray and MRI w/contrast Endoscopy Sigmoidoscopy Celiac Test MRI EKG Chest X-Ray Head X-Ray Throat X-Ray w/contrast Thyroid Test Parasite Testing (I was in the Caribbean the week prior to the incident) Hepatitis A B & C HIV ANA Test I’ve had a thorough work up and the final diagnose came back as Colitis (diagnosed during sigmoidoscopy), IBS and Anxiety/Depression. I accepted the diagnosis. It was recommended to try some psychological counseling which I have done. It helps with coping with not feeling well but I still don't feel well. My doctor stated at this point further testing would be like throwing darts in the dark because we’ve ruled out so many conditions. What has brought me to you today is I feel like I’m developing Carpal Tunnel in my right arm and my right knee and calf are difficult to move (no trauma). My primary questions are: 1. Any suggestions? Where would you look next? 2. This all happened following a vacation to Aruba, is there anything I may have been exposed to that could cause these long standing problems. I've considered lyme. 3. Could this be neurological and should I request another MRI? My first and last was 6 months ago.
-Consideration: I had a deviated septum and turbinate reduction. Recover seems to be going well. I'm on Vicodine as need basis and antibiotics.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  MDPhD to help replied 5 years ago.
Hello and thank you for your question. Lyme disease and other tick borne diseaes are definitely a possibility as well as some vitamin deficiencies such as B12 and folate. It is possible that it is neurological and your doctor would be best able to assess that to determine whether imaging is necessary, but if an MRI was already negative, it would be unlikely to be more helpful. Please speka to your doctor about the above tests and please let me know if you have more questions.
Best of luck,
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
If it is neurological are there any other test beyond an MRI that would be worth pursuing?
Wouldn't b12/folate show on my CBC test?
Last but not least, are hormone tests worth pursuing as well? Thyroid was normal but is it worth revisiting or looking at other hormonal glands?
Expert:  MDPhD to help replied 5 years ago.
The B12 and folate would not show up on the CBC, they are different tests. The MRI is helpful but an EMG is another test that would show changes in nerve conduction. Thyroid hormone testing is helpful but other tests such as cortisol may help as well.
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