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Are there OTC medicines to deworm humans? We just got a new

Customer Question

Are there OTC medicines to deworm humans? We just got a new puppy that has roundworms. The puppy is being treated and although I know that the risk to my family is low if we practice good hygiene such as washing hands, cleaning up dog feces immediately, the whole situation has me paranoid especially after reading that roundworms can cause blindness in children. Is this rare and how exactly does this occur?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Vakul Aren replied 5 years ago.
Dear customer, Greetings.Toxicariasis caused by the roundworm Toxicara canis is found in cats and dogs.It is a common condition which may affect humans as a Zoonosis or a disease passed on by animals to humans.The infection is passed along to humans and young children,especially preschool childrenby touching contaminated surfaces or while playing with the puppies.The worm can cause ocular Toxicariasis which causes inflammation and damage to the eye.It can also cause a visceral infection which occurs due to heavy infections .It may cause symptoms such as pneumonia,fever,coughing or Asthma.Young children can accidentally ingest contaminated soil(which may be contaminated by stools containing mature embryos from old eggs of the puppy)thus acquiring the infection. Steps to prevent infections include- 1.Deworm the dog/puppy regularly as per instructions of the vet. 2.Wash your hands with soap and warm water regularly after coming in contact with the puppy and before handling food,teach the importance of hand washing to all children. 3.Do not allow children to play in possibly contaminated areas,clean the areras regularly. 4.Clean the living area of the pet once a week taking special care with handling of faeces which should be buried/bagged with trash. 5.Infection is spread easily to human adults or children if their immune system is compromised.The fresh egg takes 2-3 weeks to mature in the environment and become infective embryos which if ingested cause the infections. 6.Discuss preventive antiparasitic drugs to be taken at regular intervals for the family to prevent any infections.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Relist: Answer quality.
This is cut and pasted from a website I have already read.
Expert:  Dr Jones replied 5 years ago.
It depends on the kind of worms and which over the counter med you use. Hookworms and Roundworms are easily treated with any over the counter wormer containing pyrantel pamoate as the active ingredient.
Whipworms and some tape worms can be treated with Safe-Guard fenbendazole. But for tapeworms a prescription medication usually works best.Please ask if there are doubts.Regards.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I know that pyrantel pamoate treats pinworms but does it also treat roundworms?
Expert:  Dr Jones replied 5 years ago.
A roundworm infestation can be treated with mebendazole or Combantrin which has pyrantel embonate as its active ingredient.