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I have foot pain when I put pressure on my foot and it is also

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I have foot pain when I put pressure on my foot and it is also tender to the touch. The pain is specifically on the top of my foot a little below the 3rd and 4th toes. Walking is excriciating. I do not have any known injuries or prexisting conditions. My daily shoe wear is comfort based. This has been getting worse daily going on 2 weeks. What could be causing the pain?

Do you have symptoms at both the feet? Are there associated symptoms like pain at the back/ swelling over the foot concerned/ tingling, numbness or weakness/ change in color of the overlying skin?

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I have different pain with the other foot ( right foot), such as, the first toe has limited movement and stiffness and pain in the joint below the toe. I cannot wear high heels any longer because the 1st toe on the right foot will not flex enough. My heels and ankles on both feet tend to get stiff and are painful after inactivity, but tend to loosen up with movement. I do not have significant swelling in these areas and no discoloration of the skin. Those symptoms have been slowly increasing over a period of 2-3 years.
The foot in question, the left foot, had a sudden onset of pain and there is a little swelling in the area of pain with some swelling on the outside of my ankle as well. The skin appears normal. I do have tingling occassionally, 1-2 times a day, my foot will tingle during normal activity, such as standing or walking. The left foot also has occassional pain, especially early morning and late evening, around the outside of the ankle and heel. That particular pain feels like a pulling, tightening sensation. Like a muscle spasm.

I can understand your anxiety.

Left foot - My first bet will be irritation of the nerve. The spine consists of vertebrae and intervertbral discs { soft tissue cushion if I may say }. The cord or bunch of nerves in simple word passes through the spinal canal { formed by vertebral body in front and ring like posterior part around }. Any bone spur of displacement or bulge of the disc cause pressure over the cord which results in symptoms like pain / numbness / tingling or tightness at the muscles due to nerve irritation. The nerves leave the spinal canal through small rounded openings laterally. Pinching of these nerve roots can occur at this level too. I am a bit worried for swelling. I would like to rule out thrombosis at veins too. Other causes like degenerative changes at the underlying joints/ inflammation/ vitamin or mineral deficiency also need to be looked in.

Right foot - Considering the time the abnormality is getting severe I would think of arthritis {degeneration} first.

A physical evaluation along with few investigations like blood tests/ MRI lumbar spine/ x ray for feet/ color doppler for left lower limb veins will give us more answers.

Till then - keep leg elevated, raise the foot end of your bed/ Motrin/ warm compress may help.

Please do not worry, you will be fine soon.

God bless
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