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I have a stabbing pain in my mid-back on the left side. It

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I have a stabbing pain in my mid-back on the left side. It stabs, I gasp, and then it goes away for almost a minute. I'd say it's between the lowest ribs and the spine. I don't know if that's typical of kidney pain or if it's that I pulled something yesterday. I did a yoga class And I had a little trouble hoping a heavy door open for someone before it started. I couldn't sleep all night although I took 2 tylenol twice, almost 4 hours apart. I looked at cures that people suggest on line for kidney stones and tried one, drank lots of water. The pain continues. It's regular and periodic so I don't know whether to call it stabbing or pulsating...I think stabbing. I gasp each time. I didn't sleep more than a couple of hours and can't imagine even trying now that it's morning. Can anybody just diagnose this in the sense of it's not typical of kidney pain or it is. If it isn't, what. Heating pad did nothing. I walked around the neighbourhood last night because just lying or sitting waiting for the 'stabs' gets almost unbareable. Many thanks for an answer. It's Sunday and I can't get my doctor and joining the line in an emergency room also feels unbareable. (Jill)
how old are you, Do you have any other medical problems, is your urine of normal color? did the pain begin immediately after you strained at opening the door?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I'm 63 and very healthy and fit. Urine normal colour. Not immediately but about an hour later.
Thank you for the additional information. A kidney stone can give pain that is extraordinarily intense or just a dull ache. If there is no change in the color of the urine it is difficult to diagnose a kidney stone by the type of pain pattern. a urinalysis would suggest a kidney stone if there is blood present in the urine under the microscope. A greater possibility in your case would be a strain of one of the muscles between your ribs in the area of pain or strain of one of your back muscles which was caused by the trauma of opening the door. Another lesser possibility because it would be much more painful would be a fracture of the rib which can occur even with this type of exertion. At this point if the pain is bearable I would suggest warm soaks and over-the-counter pain killers. If the pain is still present tomorrow or becomes unbearable you have no choice but to seek medical attention for appropriate diagnosis and treatment. they probably would at least do a urinalysis and chest x-ray.
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