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Lower abdomen discomfort. Full feeling, gas, bloating,

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Lower abdomen discomfort. Full feeling, gas, bloating, constipation/ inability create a bowel movement when I feel the need to. When the urge comes it comes fast and I need to get to a bathroom right away. The "product" is not rock hard but actually quite normal. Distention of the abdomen. When I tighten my abdominal muscles to "suck it in" I feel pressure and mild achiness. My low back is also slightly achy. I will go 4 days without a bowel movement. I know for some this is normal but those 4 days of eating regular meals and not going is very uncomfortable. When I do eliminate it is only about one days worth and I know that there is more in me because I am still uncomfortable. Just last week I had stabbing pains in my abdomen about a half hour before I had a bowel movement. This is rare for me. I have taken Senna but it is too harsh for me. I have taken Mirilax and that helps but doesn't cure the problem. I am thinking of taking an over the counter colon health tablet once a day. Would this help? Thank you for your time. Maureen P.S. PLEASE don't tell me to eat more fruit and fiber. I have eaten an entire package of prunes and it had no effect. I eat oatmeal and whole grain bread each day along with various fruits and vegatables.
Hello and welcome to JustAnswer,

Maureen, thanks for your question.

The bot***** *****ne is this... you are wishing to treat yourself for constipation, which you may or may not have.

From a doctor's perspective the real issue is WHY you are having these symptoms.

Along these lines, with abdominal pain and with chest pain it is NEXT to impossible to diagnose based on symptoms.... that's why, in the ER, all women with abdominal pain as a complaint get a basic set of labs including urine AND they get a pelvic exam. If anything on the physical exam is concerning THEN many times, we order a CT scan.

The reason for all this is that there are so many things that can cause abdominal discomfort and fecal urgency (the urgent need to have a bowel movement), and, on this list are some very bad things indeed.

So, rather than recommend anything to you (metamucil would be safe and effective for constipation regardless), I say this.... you need to have a good doctor examine your abdomen and do an exam and figure out WHY you are having these symptoms.

In a 'worst case scenario' picture... you could well have diverticulosis or diverticulitis or even cancer. I am not saying cancer to scare you, I am saying it because it happens and you are having some symptoms that are not fitting into any particular pattern and this concerning to me.

So try the metamucil, but get in with your doctor as soon as you can. Abdominal pain is very tricky indeed and with you being a woman you add on a few possibilities to the diagnosis not present in men.... fibroid uterus.... ovarian cyst.... things involving the woman's reproductive organs....

Let's find out WHY and then go for the cure.

I am standing by if you have any questions about my answer.

Thank you for your business.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Should I ask for an ultra sound? I have been to a doctor a couple of years ago with this problem but it is worse now. The doctor didn't seem too worried at that time. The doctor suggested the Mirilax. I even had a colonoscopy done and that test turned out just fine. I haven't had a pelvic exam or pap-smear for maybe 4 years. In the past they have all come back normal. My periods have been very heavy for the past year and I have been passing some large clots every other menstral cycle.
then you may indeed need an ultrasound of your uterus.

a CT scan of your abdomen and pelvis would give us lots of information, much more than an ultrasound....

but with your menstrual changes the possibility of you having a large fibroid in the uterus actually goes up on my list of possibilities..... as you can see from the link you are having many of the possible symptoms.

and you NEED to keep up with your pelvic exams.... last year's 'normal' doesn't' mean anything today.

so if you do have a large fibroid then an ultrasound is a great way to find it. occasionally these get large enough and cause enough problems to require surgical treatment which is usually, but not always, a hysterectomy.

again, not saying you HAVE a fibroid, but I think it's a reasonable possibility.

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