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I have a funny weird feeling in my clitoris area. Even

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I have a funny weird feeling in my clitoris area. Even though I urinate, the feeling either gets worse as I urinate or just won't go away. I had a weird pressure in my lower abdominal area few days ago after bowel movement; however, that pressure got worse and better throughout the last few days, and finally, it went away yesterday. This pressure was in all of my clitoris and anal area as well.
I have been under alot of stress lately. Does stress have to do anything with this? Am I lacking in some vitamins? What should I do to prevent further symptoms?

Welcome to Just Answer
Did you have constipation?

Vaginal Discharge?

Menstrual irregularities?

Any urinary complains like frequent passing of the urine, or burning?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

No, I did not have constipation, vaginal discharge or menstrual irregularities.

I don't call it "burning", but there is pain at the end of urination and it feels like I need to urinate, but I don't have to. I am not sure if this is caused because I cannot go to the restroom that often. I usually have to hold it for several hours due to my schedule.

Thank you.

Thanks for tha valuable input.

Well, this seems more like an infection, most likely Urethritis, or Cystitis, or a combination of both.

This can cause similar sensations, specially at the end of urination, making you feel un-satisfied and a continuous desire to pee.

Many a times the infections are subclinical, and some times mild. These mild infection may undergo spontaneous resolution even with out any treatment.

You should get a Urine Examination done to look for this possibility.

If deemed necessary, an Ultrasound will be helpful in providing information about other pelvic structures like uterus, so discuss this with your treating doctor.

Keep yourslef well hydrated, and use Cranberry, and this helps.

Kindest Regards ***** ***** luck.

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I am sorry to bother you again,, it seems like I am having a little blood when I urinate. My urine looks orange-ish and sometimes pink-ish. I also feel like I have a low fever as well. I cannot go to the doctor until next week. What should I do? Thank you very much in advance.

As i stated before, there are likely chances of an infection.

At home;

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Use Cranberry Juice biotics therapy as well
  • Take tylenol for fever

And get an urgent possible evaluation done. If that is not possible on outdoor basis, go to ER, as you might need antibiotics therapy.

Kindest Regards.

Dr. Sohaib and 4 other Medical Specialists are ready to help you