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Pain under right rib cage. When i use my thumb and press

Resolved Question:

Pain under right rib cage. When i use my thumb and press pretty hard in this area i can reach the pain focal point causing more pain. At this point i wish i could just have someone cut me open to take a look because really no test has found anything conclusive.
Medical History
Deep down i feel that my past in alcohol caffeine smoking Advil abuse has caused this. Even though people Im close to say i didnt abuse enough to have medical problems. But for years i feel like i was out of control especially with alcohol. Now i've had two drinks in total since spring of 2011 and no smoking or advil.
When the pain and discomfort started a year ago november i noticed that after i drank i would get this sensation of being backed up somehow but in my back (as in kidneys). Also the pin point pain on my right side would hurt. When this pain started in November 2010 it first felt like a stitch in my gut somewhere and felt so pronounced that i could feel it when i walked. With each footstep hitting the ground i could feel this pinpoint intense pain get more intense. It was really awful. Lower back pain was also intense.
For a while i had no idea what was going on and that even coffee in the morning would cause discomfort. I assumed i had kidney and liver problems so i went to see an urologist in January. All tests (blood, ultrasound, CAT) came back fine even though i was still in pain. I was sent to Gastro doctor. Endoscopy found H Pylori which after Prev Pack was cured. Also the test found erosive gastritis. All along side pain continues to persist. It begins to intensify but as a vague gnawing ache pain. Through out this entire ordeal only sometimes did my actual stomach ever hurt, like it does when you have a normal stomach ache. During the H Pylori stage i began to notice that what i ate had a direct correlation to the pain i was feeling. It was hard to make the connections because before this affliction i was hardly ever sick especially in my stomach/ Gut area.
So since spring 2011 i've been on a PPI drug everyday and i guess with some improvement but it has been s-l-o-w. I had more testing-- one for Hep A,B,C, (CAT i forgot to mention revealed good gallbladder and pancreas) and another endoscopy and capsule endoscopy. Cap Endo pics are still pending. But no Duodenal ulcers like i suspected there would be causing my side pain-- they only found mild chronic gastritis.
So now i know i have gastritis with pain in my side still that has decreased but comes back when i dont eat on time and when eating chocolate and things i know i cant eat because of the acid. The pain subsides sometimes after i eat as well. Also, i notice it intensify when i get stressed out. I think stress has a lot to do with all of this by the way.
So knowing all this- What do you think the side pain really is? Is there something i can ask my doctor to check for like duodenitis or wouldnt have they already found duodenitis thru the enodos? When they say i have chronic gastritis does that mean forever? Can it be cured?
I feel like i've made progress but will I get back to my normal self. Also people have told me that through out this ordeal it looks as though it has aged me. Is one plus years the norm for gastritis healing?
Sorry for typing so much but i felt you had to have some history to make the right prognosis.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. David replied 5 years ago.
Hello, this is Dr. David. I have read your question and am ready to help.

I think the pain has to do with pressing on your ribs and your ribs pressing on your stomach was was inflammed with gastritis which has been slowly improving with long term proton pump inhibitors which bring down your stomach acid. yes, the endoscopy would have looked all the way down into the duodenum. you should get the report from the endoscopy and see if they found any ulcers there in the duodenum. you should also get a repeat upper endoscopy to see if the gastritis is any better, maybe a year to a year and a half after you started the PPI. it can be cured, but you will have to watch what and when you eat forever. you will continue to make progress, but you will have to start treating your body and your stomach with kid gloves and with respect and rest and exercise and like the temple that you should bve treating it as.

I hope this helps.

let me know if you have questions
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thanks Doc,

No im not pressing on my ribs at all. Its right under and everything all the way to the pain is soft tissue. My report show no ulcers anywhere but yet still this pain. Is it possible to have localized pinpoint pain with gastritis? When i heal will the gastritis be 100% away? I saw it as red dots all over my stomach. If it is all healed up and shows no more spots, youre saying i will still have food issues?? For the rest of my life??? That is a fact??????
Expert:  Dr. David replied 5 years ago.
if it is below the ribs than you are pressing directly on your stomach which is inflammed.

yes, it is possible to have focal pinpoint pain with gastritis. it took years of alcohol to inflame the stomach and it will take years for your stomach to heal.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
ok after years then of healing.... will the gastritis be 100% gone?
youre saying i will still have food issues For the rest of my life That is a fact?
Expert:  Dr. David replied 5 years ago.
most likely you will have to watch what you eat for a long time. your stomach can repair, but the process as you have recently found.

but yes, after years of healing and watching what you eat and not abusing your stomach with alcohol and acid foods, yes, it can heal.
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