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I recently received a liver transplant at UCAL. 4 years ago

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I recently received a liver transplant at UCAL. 4 years ago I was diagnosed with Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Carcinoma and it metz to my liver. I had the primary tumor removed in Jan 08 and have been on this list since. I received my new liver on October 19, 2011. Everything seems to be going good.
After transplant I had some extreme bruising of my testicles and penis. There was a mild soreness to it but really nothing painful. Felt more like "blue balls". After being home for a few days I decided to try to take care of that myself since I am not allowed to have sex.
The Question: My semen is a brownish - rust color with small specks of a reddish more solid matter in it. This is kinda scaring me. I thought maybe it needed to clear itself out but I've tried 3 times now over the last couple weeks and it is still the same. The bruising is decreasing on my penis and slowly fading on my testicles. Is this something I should be worried about???
The bruising and speck of red material (likely blood or small clots) could be caused by low platelet counts.

You need to contact your physician/transplant coordinator immediately to determine the cause of this bruising.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Is it not common to have that kind of bruising after a transplant. I would expect they would have seen it when they pulled out my catheter and I do kinda (although I was kinda out of it) remember asking one the surgeons about the bruise but cant be sure.
Is this something that I should do RIGHT AWAY or do you think it could wait till thursday when I go for clinic. They do run a ton of blood test on me each week. This will be my third blood test this thursday. Last week they said everything was perfectly inline with where it should be.
Is it possible that the bruising has caused the discoloration and possible blood in the semen?
Bruising is common, however, if you were my patient I would want to do some lab tests including a blood count (including platelet count) and clotting studies as a precaution.

I would at least call you transplant coordinator in the morning. It is reassuring that the bruising has improved, but I would still want you to make the phone call. They may be comfortable waiting, but there is no harm in making the call.
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