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My breasts have been very sore for the past month. I am sexually

Resolved Question:

My breasts have been very sore for the past month. I am sexually active, but use contraceptive and but took a pregnancy test last week, and I'm not pregnant. I changed my birth control from the depo shot ( last shot was in April ) to the pill, which I started in August. They are sore to the touch and when doing activities such as walking down stairs and jogging, and even when taking off my bra. They do not seem to have grown in size.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. German replied 5 years ago.
Hi, welcome to justanswer , most cases in which young women experience breast soreness are not serious at all .
In your case , it is really possible that this breast tenderness is being caused by the contraceptive pills You have been using .
In some cases, it could be necessary to switch and use a different type of pill . You could take Ibuprofen to alleviate the soreness . Exercise regularly could also help .
Other common condition that can produce breast soreness is when you are experiencing pre-menstrual Syndrome symptoms , the hormonal fluctuations and the retention of fluids during that period of time , could produce breast tenderness . During this period of time , it is recommendable to avoid drinking alcohol or caffeinated beverages , avoid sugary foods and your meals should have a low content of salt .
On the other side , if this breast tenderness persists ,you should consult your doctor who will investigate other possibilities including :
1-Fibrocystic breast disease which is a benign condition , commonly called lumpy breasts formed by small cysts ( fluid filled sacs ) , with scar tissue .This condition is really common among young women .
2-A fibroadenoma ( which is a benign breast mass ) or a breast cyst ( fluid filled sac )
3-The presence of a breast firm lump ,in some cases , it could be necessary to perform a biopsy if the lump has malignant characteristics. Do not over worry , in your case , this is an extremely remote possibility .
My best advice for you will be to consult a doctor who will perform a physical examination , mammography and ultrasound to be 100 % ,there is nothing serious going on and that this soreness in your breasts is simply a product of the hormonal fluctuations contraceptive pills produce . In most cases, this is temporary . However , if the soreness persists ,it could be necessary to switch and use other type of contraceptive pills .
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