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In a urine drug test in my pain management clinic, will

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in a urine drug test in my pain management clinic, will demerol show the same as the oxycodone (30 mgs 4x a day) or the fentanyl patch I wear (50 mcg every 72 hours), or the dilaudid I take (4 mgs per day)? All the meds I take, including all that I've listed here, are prescribed by my physician and closely monitored. But, will demerol be shown as a separate drug?
Initially they will show as opiates.

Now, if they send the sample on for MS/GC confirmatory testing,then they will all show separately.

I would suspect that they will plan to test for each drug, as it is a pain management clinic.
And Demerol will show up separately.

good luck

Let me know if you have further questions, details or need clarification, just use reply.......

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
My pain management doctor had me on my fentanyl patch (been on that for years) and four oxycodones per day at 30 mgs. A couple of days ago at my regular appointment, he changed my oxycodone dosage to three per day, same dose, and to replace the one oxycodone that he removed, he added 4 mgs of dilaudid, one per day. So, I am still taking four doses of pain meds per day, but he just took away one oxycodone and added one dilaudid in its place.

The problem is, I've come to the realization that the dilaudid is not helping at all. Unfortunately, it's Friday and I can't contact him until Monday to let him know. I have left over demerol from long ago and I thought I could add one of those just over the weekend until I can get back with him.

If I'm asked to take a urine test, I'm worried I'll screw up a very good record I have with this clinic - they call me their star patient. However, I'm in incredible pain and I can't go through the weekend like this.

One other thing: if I'm asked to take a drug test, it will be at least a month away. Would it possibly disappear by then? I don't want to be a bad patient, but I've been on the meds for years now and am just trying to determine the best way to proceed.

Also, I have klonipin (sp?) that I can take that would be an allowed med. I have only taken one of those to sleep one night, so I don't really know much about that med. Will it help with pain?

I would use the klonapin as it might have some effect on the pain.
I would call the answering service and ask to speak with the doc on call.
A dose of Demerol would not be detectable in a month, but of course I can not advise you do use this.
It would however, be detectable on hair analysis....urine 3 to 7 days.

Good luck

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
i understand. please be aware that i would never tell my doctor that i did anything because the online doctor told me to. i am 50 years old and have long known that i, alone, am responsible for my actions. i would never even tell my doctor that i had consulted with you.

but, you are sure the demerol will be undetectable in four weeks in a urine (only) test?

this is the last question that i will take up your time on. then i will leave appropriate feedback.
Up to a week is giving it even more detection time in urine than it probably has.
Hair is a different story.
And actually, I am telling you not to use the Demerol on your own.

Good luck again
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I understand your answer clearly. Go with the Klonipin.

I will do that. I am just too worried that I might mess up my standing in this program to go in any other direction.

Thank you.
Sounds like you are doing well.
Go with the klonapin if your doc has prescribed this.
Good luck