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Do you know anything about a Dr. Hornsby with the PA Mens

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Do you know anything about a Dr. Kevin Hornsby with the PA Mens Clinic in Wayne Pa that treats ED? He also has a clinic in Florida. I am 66 and have tried Viagra & Cialis prescribed by my family Physician with very limited results. My family doctor checked for prostate problems & there were none. She also checked my Testosterone levels and they are normal. I am not on any medications for any other medical problems, my complete blood workup came back normal.
Do you know anything about Dr Hornsby's method of treatment?
Thanks for listening;
I have looked info this before
It is a urology clinic although the specialize a lot in ED
Your urologist locally would have the same therapies
Mostly injection if levitra, cialis and viagra do not work
Also penile suppositories.

Here are a few sites

There is not a lot of detail about his specific methods but from looking at this and the floriday site, it seems straightforward.
good luck

Let me know if you have further questions, details or need clarification, just use reply.......

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Thanks for the quick reply, Dr. Thomas.

I did call the PA Mens Clinic and from the information I was given by phone; their treatment involves a fast acting pill (?) that is placed under the tongue that acts within 8-10 minutes for a full erection. I've read about injections; but this is a new one for me. Are you aware of this approach? I can understand where a direct injection puts the meds right into the penis; but a quick dissolving pill under the tongue?? On the other hand; my Wife has Nitro Pills for an emergency and they kind of go directly to the heart.

I was going to ask my Family Doctor about referring me to a Urologist (same as she did for my vasectomy 25 years ago); but then I saw this ad for the PA Men's Clinic and wanted to check it out as well and make sure that this is not one of those scams that promise the world.

Any additional thoughts before I click "Approve"?



It is probably sub lingual apomorphine...that is a guess...not approved for this but still might be used.

I would simply ask the name of the drug.
Otherwise, from my investigation they also use injections, suppositories, etc.

good luck
let me know

Let me know if you have further questions, details or need clarification, just use reply.......

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Thanks again for the further information. That answered my major questions and now I think I know how to proceed from here, from your excellent guidance.

Trust me; I always ask about any Meds (and check them out on my PDR) before I take them & also check with our Primary Care Physician for her advice.

{We have 3 RN's in the Family & my Brother-in-Law is a Cardiologist; but this ED problem is a bit too personal to me to share & ask questions}.

Many thanks for your prompt response and have a nice day.