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What is the fastest way to clear ritalin out of your body as

Customer Question

What is the fastest way to clear ritalin out of your body as the side effects are making me have severe abdonimal pain and headaches and I have nothing to take or the option to go get to help? I'm a veterinary student and I have class tomorrow at 9 am. And it's actually concerta so I've received too much of it already because I can't swallow pills no matter what I do, tried everything, so now I'm addicted to it and have 2 left and plan to never get it again because it will cause me to fail out of vet school and I also have to use a lot more chlonazepam due to anxiety. Only problem is my student loan money checks are in, but my bank account gets activated tomorrow so I haven't cashed them yet, maybe tomorrow. I'm very worried, I took too much, which I started 2 weeks ago after my boyfriend passed away and will do anything to feel better but the abdominal pain and headaches occur whether taken as prescribed or not. I have midterms in a week so used it for all nighters too last week.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  khagihara replied 6 years ago.
You should go to the ER to have ipecac syrup, gastric lavage, or activated charcoal. There are no antidotes.
Any questions?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Relist: Answer quality. The advice he gave isn't possible. I understand no antidote thing, but there are ways to clear this out faster. I am not experiences the abdominal pain and headache like usual but I want to clear it out as quickly as possible.

I do understand the ER thing but I think I can deal with it as I've done this several times before. I'm in a foreign country and I can't let this get out for the sake of staying in school. And I've never been addicted before to anything, something about ritalin, not sure what, but it's really bad and even though it makes you feel absolutely horrible, you still take it and the doctor has tried different forms and we thought concerta would be good, but I can't swallow, can't find apple sauce which has helped me in the past since you're not supposed to chew for it to work and I will have anxiety attacks trying to swallow despite everything I've looked up and tried that help people. Or this would never have been an issue. I am drinking as much water as possible.

Expert:  Dr. Bob replied 6 years ago.

You're a vet student so you should understand this. The mean half-life of methylphenidate (Concerta) is about 3.6 hours. So, about 3 1/2 hours after your last dose, 50% of it should be already metabolized, assuming a normal dose and normal liver and kidneys. By 12 hours, there should only be about 10% left in your system. It should be virtually gone by 18-20 hours. When did you take your last dose?

That said, this is a potentially dangerous drug that can cause serious physical and psychiatric side effects, as you know, as well as serious withdrawal symptoms. I agree with the other expert that if you think you took too much, or you are experiencing severe symptoms you should be evaluated in a medical setting where you can be monitored and your symptoms can be alleviated safely.

Dr. Bob, Medical Doctor
Category: Medical
Satisfied Customers: 5431
Experience: 20 Years in Internal Medicine, Neurology and Sports Medicine
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Nothing to alleviate symptoms because the stomach issue could go on all day possibly. I don't have much to eat but grapes and it's very hard to eat. I know I took too much and I agree with everything. Last dose was an hour ago or a little more. I do have a fast metabolism and I've taken this amount a few times before. I'm more worried tonight then before because I noticed the longer you take it, it gets worse. But I haven't taken it long so I'm not sure about the withdrawal symptoms. Concerta seems to be far worse then the instant release. I told my doctor multiple times about the side effects but he kept coming back to this. And I kept trying because when I had first started taking it, it was incredible with my focus.

I want to just eat, drink, whatever is best to help absorb and get it out a little faster because it's worked for me in the past. It's so horrible I'm going to flush what I have left. Since I've never had problems like this before, I don't understand why I have the constant urge to continue taking it regardless of how horrible it has made me feel. If I were to continue, I would probably die from it. I'm hoping since I didn't take it too long, it won't do permanent damage. All I really wanted was something to help me focus better. Whether ADD is a true disease or not, I'm starting to think not, stimulants help a lot of people focus better.

So I'm assuming I will probably feel really bad for the next 3 to 6 hours, in the past it has made me feel really bad up to 7 hours, without taking too much. And both psychiatrists have not been helpful. I don't want to die from something as stupid as this. I think I will be okay but I know without a doubt I can't take this. If it helped without any side effects after a month or so, I'd have to have someone give it to me everyday and I don't know anyone who would do that.

This drug just from how I feel I can tell is extremely dangerous. And the instant release ones were no where near as bad but I was concerned about addiction there too so this was prescribed because it's longer acting, 3 different times of release, and the side effects should be minimal that way. Adderal I did not feel the same bad side effects from, but I'm worried I will have addiction issues with all of them. And I have too many problems with attending lectures and focusing which has been a life issue, the only reason this was given a chance. And where I am living here at one of the US accredited vet schools and back home, you can not talk about being addicted to anything, even if it is a short term thing with just one thing as late as 29 years old. And I can't even tell my own psychiatrist the addiction issue with it. I never drink or anything else. Why now?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
By the way, I haven't accepted the answer yet because I assume as soon as I do that, I can't communicate.
Expert:  Dr. Bob replied 6 years ago.

Hang in there. Keep drinking lots of fluids. Call a friend you trust and let him/her know that you're not feeling well and you will call them every hour to let them know you're OK. You can also tell them you might call to ask them to come help you if you're feeling worse. This can be very reassuring and a good back-up "insurance policy" against something bad happening.

Get off these meds slowly, with the help of a psychiatrist. Try to find an alternative that does not make you feel so bad or "grip" you so tightly. If you get off the meds, they will likely work better for you in the future if you ever needed to go back to them (after a "drug holiday"). And please do not hesitate to seek acute medical care if you need it...better safe than sorry, right?

Good Luck to you.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

This was just a response to Dr. Bob. I accidently accepted answer when I wasn't finished. I'm not sure if I can still reply as I accepted answer too quickly and assume I can't communicate after that. I'm in a different time zone. It's 2 am here, and there is no one I can trust regarding this, yet. This is something you can not talk about with 99% of people including friends. I feel incredibly stupid for doing this. I've only been here a month so that's why I don't know many people yet. And regarding withdrawal, I didn't think that happened unless you had been taking it for along time. It's only been a week or two that I've taken it continuously. I will be fine and there is no possibly way I could ever consider it again. If I know I am addicted, then I will never touch this substance again. It was only great at first and made me more social in class, the first day of taking it. Nothing more.

And my dad is an MD and I could never mention this to him, even though he was a full drug addict, even in medical school, and an alcoholic and to the worst excess. So I can't talk about this with the psychiatrist or friends. If I told the psychiatrist I abused it, that would be it. It's not accepted in society. And as long as I never get this again prescribed, I don't need help for addiction. I have a midterm in a week. If the thing about withdrawal happens that quickly, I won't be able to study at all.

One more thing, regarding going to the ER, I'm fearful of it, and also for the reason for going and also I do not vomit, since I was 5 years old, so that would kick me into full swing anxiety.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
It's been along time so I'm assuming this will not get answered.
Expert:  Dr. Bob replied 6 years ago.
Sorry about the delay. It sounds like you are in a lonely spot, so to speak. I think your family history and this current experience would suggest that this is not a problem you can tackle alone. I have to urge you once again to get professional help for substance abuse. You are very young, and no matter how intelligent, do not have a broad base of experience to help guide you through this. If you have a psychiatrist talk to him or her and be totally honest about your drug use. Believe me, they will have experience in this and will know how to help you. There should be no shame or sense of failure if you do this. The only failure would be if you did not get the help you need, and something terrible happened to you. You must be an adult, take responsibility for your actions, admit your vulnerability and put it in the hands of experienced professionals. If you do this, things will get better for you, I am sure. You will be in a better place at the end of the day.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Message for Dr. Bob. No answer is required. Thank you. Since this is been only a short term thing and I'd never actually ask for this again, or anything like it, I'd rather just get on. There is absolutely no high or euphoric feeling about it with me. I would have stopped after the first dose but the psychiatrist kept telling me that the side effects go away. I definitely did abuse this, but in the past, with anything else, such as alcohol, it caused similar horrible side effects after less then 1 equivilent to 1 beer that I never touched it again. If it did become an issue in the future, that's different. My dad is different than I am. But took your advice and with the 2 I have left, I will just wean off for 2 days and that's it. I can't get a hold of my psychiatrist for 2 weeks. I can function without ADD stimulants as I have before. I have other planned methods to help with the gym, etc. Right now, things are just too hectic to do anything but when it settles down, I will. I know my genetics can be a problem but I have been aware for along time. And everyone on my dads side of the family have done it for euphoric and calming down and socializing, etc. Also to treat their own stress issues. I think it's like meth from what I've been told and asking any doctor for something you know is going to make you feel absolutely horrible and you know you will/might abuse it and it could either cause permanent damage or kill you is just plain old stupid. I am not sure what to say to him but I am afraid to tell him. I had a bad experience with a psychiatrist in the past for a false result on a drug test in order to take an EMT course. I knew and even my dad knew(because he knew there was no way for me to get access to fentinyl or else he may have actually believed it due to his own history) and I called the psychiatrist because I thought maybe I was accidentally dosed or something with something from the pharmacy that came from China or something so I only wanted one thing, to just get a new prescription for the anxiety medication I take for at least a week. He did it, but dropped me as a patient and I had to actually bring a letter from the lab who reluctantly had to admit to making an error. In the US, this is something that almost never happens due to lawsuits. I think they would have just said to forget it you druggy, but my dad worked at the same hospital and for whatever reason, they looked into it. They sent it to two different states and were both negative. Tried so hard to prove positive due to potential lawsuit. They made the same error twice as well because I had it done a second time. So after this, I wouldn't ever say a thing. Thank you for the help. You don't have to respond to this. I apologize for before, I clicked the accept button before by accident as I wasn't finished.
Expert:  Dr. Bob replied 6 years ago.
You're welcome. Best of luck in your studies.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thank you. And by the way, I asked the pharmacist tricks to swallow as I have struggled so much with that because the idea of concerta is slow release(less side effects and long half life) and the ice cream worked on my last one. Never touching that stuff again!