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Dr. Abby
Dr. Abby, US Board Certified MD
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I started having a stabbing pain in my left front abdomen this

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I started having a stabbing pain in my left front abdomen this afternoon. I do not feel it if I sit still, but any movement causes pain. A recent scan indicated I have a herniated umbilical, but the pain is not near my belly button. I had a bladder infection a couple of days ago and drank 36 ounces of Diet Ocean Spray cranberry juice. The Splenda gives me stomach aches, but I am a diabetic, so had no choice. Am I in any danger if I wait to go to the doctor's or hospital tomorrow if the pain is still there?

Do you have a fever?
Is the pain in the left upper abdomen? Lower abdomen?
When did you last pass gas?
Does you belly feel tense/bloated or hard?

Dr abby
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

My temp is 97.1.

I know I haven't passed gas today. I had a healthy bowel movement this morning though.

I weigh 326 pounds, so telling if I am bloated is difficult. It does not feel tense or hard. It just hurts like a knife is stabbing me. The pain is right in the left middle betweent the hip and the belly button.

Ok, thank you.

I am sorry you are not feeling well...

There are a few things that could be going on...
First is diverticulitis--this is an infection of the left side of the colon. It causes tenderness in the left side of the lower abdomen when mild. When severe, it can also cause fever and more significant illness.

Second concern is a bowel obstruction. The fact that you are no longer passing gas is a potential sign of a bowel obstruction. Usually nausea is present, however.
I am also concerned that you have pain whenever you move. This can be a sign of irritation of the lining of the abdomen (called the peritoneum).
The peritoneum can become irritation when an infection is present in the abdomen.

This could be trapped gas, bladder infection, kidney stone too, but your symptoms are concerning.

I don't advise waiting until the morning. An xray of the abdomen to rule out an obstruction should be considered as well as possibly a CT of the abdomen to look for diverticulitis.

I hope that you feel better

Please feel free to ask any follow up questions you may have,

Dr Abby

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Hi again,

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Dr Abby
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Dear Dr. Abby,

I just wanted to tell you that I did go to the emergency room and after a CT scan, it was determined I had diverticulitis and a bladder infection. Thank you so much for your advice last night. After doses of liquid Cipro and Flagyl, I will be on pills of the same for 10 days. I am now on the mend, thanks to you.

I am so glad that you went in...

Thank you for the follow up..It is much appreciated.

I am sure you will start to feel much better over the next couple of days.

Take good care of yourself,

Dr Abby