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What does it mean if lower back hurts Just my right side

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What does it mean if lower back hurts? Just my right side hurts.



Your lower back hurts in the midline or sides?

Does it hurts in the area in line with umblicus or at the level of umblicus?

anything like burning urination, chills, urgency of urine, fever?



Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I get chills, urinating alot but not burning. I pee alot everytime I go. but I have to run, because as soon as I feel that I want to urinate I urinate. No fever. Every joint in my body aches too. Headache and pain in pelvic area.
Any pain during intercourse?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Yes, sometimes.

Thanks for your input.


Well in my opinion there can be two reasons for your symptoms.


Either this is a urinary tract infection starting from the kidneys to urethra


it can be infection in the pelvis called pelvic inflammatory disease.


You should see your doctor for investigations like urine R/E, Urine culture, ultrasound abdomen and pelvis, vaginal swab(if there is discharge).


You should take Tab tylenol thrice daily and you should drink lot of water.

Just peeing more is also symptom of UTI and its not necessary to have burning always. Similarly if this is Pelvic inflammatory disease the inflammation irritating your bladder can make you pee more.


However this is treatable so donot worry.


Good luck



I hope this helps you.


Please ask for any query


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DR Hasan

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