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After traveling from Kansas City to Colorado Springs and

Resolved Question:

After traveling from Kansas City to Colorado Springs and surrounding areas over a period of 5 days, on Monday morning(two days after we returned home) a migraine hit me and left me not so good and on Tuesday I went to my chiropractor. Hips were quite misaligned and most things were out. After the visit, other than fatigue, my migraine and related symptoms got better. Yesterday (Wednesday) around noon I noticed my left ankle is swollen, no bruising. My body does feel overall stiff and tight and I feel some muscle spasm like sensations in my left leg behind my knee and once in awhile in my upper leg close to the buttocks.
Background on health: I am overweight, have PCOS, hypothyroidism, Hypertension (Lisinopril), sleep apnea, some chronic low back issues and I generally sit at a computer all day. On the trip we tried to stretch and walk after a couple of hours of driving, I made sure to flex and stretch in the car as often as I thought about it also.
These things did happen on the trip: I did step down wrong and misaligned my hips but felt no pain in the ankle or even the hips much at the time although immediately had numbness and tingly sensation in my RIGHT thigh all the way to my knee. Still have that but it is a bit better since seeing my chiropractor.
What can I do to reduce the edema and what other things should I be concerned about or look for and at what point should I seek medical care?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  DrKnowsBest replied 5 years ago.
DrKnowsBest : Any redness or warmth at the foot or ankle


DrKnowsBest : The thing I am concerned with since recent travel and calf pain ankle swelling is a deep vein thrombosis this is a clot in the vein of the leg and I really think this needs to be ruled out first and foremost
DrKnowsBest : The only way to do this is with an ultrasound
DrKnowsBest : If no bite or redness or warmth I would call your dr right away and get a prescription to have this ultrasound done
DrKnowsBest : Other possibilities could be Lyme or tick Bourne disease or viral illness
DrKnowsBest : However since more on left side dvt is first rule out
DrKnowsBest : If no more questions please press accept so that we may exit

even though I have no redness/warm spots? would it take a few days to evolve into a dvt? No bites that I am aware of at all.


I thought a dvt would have more specific symptoms? What is the treatment for a dvt?

DrKnowsBest : Yes it could as the clot may form and then swelling results due ot blockage above
DrKnowsBest : With history of hypertension and recent time in airplane or car travel this also increases risk

What is the treatment for a DVT?

DrKnowsBest : Blood thinners at first and then may continue for 6 months
DrKnowsBest : The problem is not as much the leg clot but the fact that if it dislodged it can get into circulation and get to the lungs

ok thank you

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