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My grandson 1 1/2 was diagnosed with autisum and I need to

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my grandson 1 1/2 was diagnosed with autisum and I need to know if it is inherited? what happens to him? will he be able to attend a regular school? the people who came to the house are going to show our son and his wife how to exercise with him? we babysit alot
and want to do everything we can to help them. they have a 3 year old and i am so worried that he will be pushed aside. If his mother thinks she can cure or minimize it she will become obsessed without knowing what she is doing to the 3 year old.
It is genetic in basis to some extent but not everything is known about autism, first the behavioralists coming to help will establish where he falls in the spectrum of autistic disorders. Some kids with autism can be mainstream schooled and lead a normal life. Others need a lot of care
The key is early intervention. With a diagnosis this young your grandchild will be way ahead of the curve.
Time will tell. Be as open to the advice from the therapists as possible they know how to socialize him. This will indeed take a lot of attention away from the three year old and this may be where you may help with making things for her to do Alone and help her feel important.
Close contact and emotions are not "wired" correctly with autistic patients so do not take it personally if he has less eye contact or physical contact or seems detached work on this most and the rest will come with therapy
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

is this genetic or something that just happened. I have a son that has the no eye contact and an emotional mess. he is 41 and just wants someone to like him so he made friends with addicts and now 2nd time trying to put it together. he is fine in a facility but never alone. he is always running away from himself . his diagnosis that has been given was ADD. Could it be possible that he to has this autism?

This does have some. Genetic links and was not diagnosed as much in the past as it is now
A neuropsychiatrist is best to diagnose in adults
Add is often mistaken for it and many are actually autistic worth another eval for a second opinion
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