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Experience:  Family Physician with extra cert in peds and womens health
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I am having a tightness - almost a muscle spasm under my

Resolved Question:

I am having a tightness - almost a muscle spasm under my right ribs... This is an occasional pain which seems to come when I bend over a certain way.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  DrKnowsBest replied 6 years ago.
DrKnowsBest : Do you have a gallbladder still?


DrKnowsBest : The right diaphragm is a common area for a. Stitch which is muscular but also where the gallbladder is located

what do you do for a gallbladder issue?

DrKnowsBest : If you have a gallbladder an ultrasound is important since infectio can occur and them this can be a real problem
DrKnowsBest : For now stay away from all fatty foods and see your dr on monday if o worsening or fever before then
DrKnowsBest : Fatty meals cause gallbladder spasm and can increase risk of problems

Then what do they do for this condition?

DrKnowsBest : If there is a problem they will suggest removal of the gallbladder before infection occurs if there is an infection then they will treat with antibiotics then remove

How critical is the gallbladder and what is it's function?

DrKnowsBest : It helps digest fats, it is removed in a lot of cases and there is no problem at most sometimes diarrhea with very fatty meals can occur after removal
DrKnowsBest : Bile salts can be taken by mouth to avoid this if needed
DrKnowsBest : It may all be muscular but must be ruled out

Thank you for your help.

DrKnowsBest : Sure if no more questions please press accept

How serious of an operation is removing the gallbladder? Can it be an out-patient surgery?

DrKnowsBest : Yes can be outpt if caught early and done laparoscopically


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