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What causes dizziness first thing in the morning? That is

Resolved Question:

What causes dizziness first thing in the morning? That is when mine is the worst.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. German replied 5 years ago.
Hi, welcome if you are experiencing this morning dizziness with certain level of frequency , You should consult your doctor to have a proper evaluation. The conditions that could be producing these symptoms are :
1-Vertigo ( this condition could be caused by inner ear inflammation, accumulation of fluid in the inner ear or an inner ear infection ,it could also be associated to an improper coordination between your brain and the nerve signals it receive ).
2-Low Blood Pressure , when you stand up in the morning ,the change of position from being laying down to standing ,could produce a sudden drop in your blood pressure levels , which produces dizziness.
3-Medications could also produce dizziness , if you are taking blood pressure medications, analgesics, tranquilizers or diuretics, this could be the cause.
4-Low Glucose Blood Levels
5-Neurologic Disorders
6-Sudden and temporary brain blood flow obstruction
7-Brain masses
8-Irregular heart electrical rhythm in which the heart beats faster ,slower or in an irregular way .
Of these conditions I have mentioned, what you probably are experiencing is a sudden blood pressure drop when you wake up in the morning, I would recommend you to get up slowly from the lying position and stay seated for few minutes before you stand up . The second possibility would be having an inner ear inflammation or increased levels of fluid in the inner ear.
You should consult a doctor ,preferably an Internal Medicine Specialist who will evaluate you and perform some tests including : an inner ear examination,balance tests , brain CT Scan or MRI ,Glucose blood levels and an EKG .
With these tests, Your doctor will be able to determine which of these conditions is producing your symptoms so You can receive the adequate treatment .
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
The dizziness (in a lesser amount) occurs off and on all day - especially when I look in a direction other than straight ahead. Also when I close my eyes in the shower, etc.
Expert:  Dr. German replied 5 years ago.
Hi, this type of symptoms , you are experiencing could be caused by a benign paroxysmal positional vertigo which is caused by an inner ear disorder.
There are crystals in your semicircular ear channels that monitor your head movements , when these crystals become dislodged , the patient experiences this dizziness when there are changes in the position of your head or when you get up in the morning. When the inner ear becomes affected which has an important function or role in your body balance sensation ,when your eyes are opened ,there is a compensation mechanism . However , when the eyes are closed ,you do not have that compensation mechanism and the dizziness becomes worse.
What you should do is consult an ENT specialist who will be able to evaluate you and perform the necessary tests to determine if you have this condition . This condition can be treated with a canalith repositioning procedure or canal plugging surgery .
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