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Does Hemclear actually work on external hemorroids?

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Does Hemclear actually work on external hemorroids?
Are you saying you actually had your hemorrhoids surgically removed?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Yes. Tried the creams first, then injections, then bandinging and then 2 years ago had the the stapled hemorhoidectomy (not as severe as the full hemorrooidectomy) which worked for nearly 2 years with few relapses but have now returned as bad as before.

I naturally would like to avoid the full hemorhoidectomy as I am about to start a new job and am looking for way to best eliviate the symptoms and was wondering if Hemclear works?

I have also read about dopler guided arterial legitation, cryotherapy and laser. are these any good?

I have a good diet with plenty of fiber, exercise well, and am rarely constipated. I do sit doen for long ours at work which I do think dosen't help.

They are externall not internal and are absolutely killing at the moment!

I know about HemClear and as far as inflammation and soothing that it can be effective--not perhaps as effective as the cortisone foams and gels--but it's worth a try. The Doppler ligation is an option short of the full resection procedure, and Laser treatment is about the same as the Doppler. My one concern is that you need an evaluation, if you haven't had one recently, to establish that your discomfort is truly from hemorrhoids.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Does doppler ligation work on external hemorrhoids? is it a lasting relief from them or just temporary?
If this were only external hemorrhoids, then this would not be an major operation and ligation or resection by any method would be effective.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

And finally, until I get to see the surgeons to discuss these options what are the best things to do until then to reduce the swelling and relieve pain?


The HemClear, as I said, is worth a try since it contains many of the "at home" ingredients. Cortisone containing creams are very antiinflammatory in their action, so those are still the best bet for you, although they should only be used for no more than a week with a hiatus of three weeks before using them again.
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