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My mom has two small dogs in her home. She has breathing

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My mom has two small dogs in her home. She has breathing problems along with other problems such as coughing and lack of energy. She is to the point where she just sits around meaning she doesn't take her dogs outside. The smell in her house takes your breath away. Can this smell of urine in her home be toxic and causing her health problems? She has been to her physician and they can't figure out why all the coughing and breathing issues.
DrKnowsBest :

it is not that the urine itself causes harm directly but the odor can cause a bronchospasm (lung spasm)

DrKnowsBest :

this would be similar to an allergic cough from dust/mold and would be difficult to pick up unless in the envirnoment that trigger it

DrKnowsBest :

they have done pulmonary function testing/spirometry and a chest xray right?

DrKnowsBest :

if those are normal then a trial of an inhaler is best to see if she responds, this would be done in the environment (using prescription provental or proair) and is she notices an improvement in the cough she can use a long term inhaler or oral singulair to help prevent it

DrKnowsBest :

other causes can be cardiac or stomach

DrKnowsBest :

has she had a stress test and echo to be sure the fatigue is not a sign of heart disease

DrKnowsBest :

other causes of chronic cough can be reflux... if above have been normal and no change with an inhaler then next indicated would be ruling out reflux

DrKnowsBest :

if you can go with her to next visit and discuss possibility of trial inhaler would be best

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
is the urine smell harmful to her health?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

they gave her a stress test but they had to stop for some reason.As far as pulmonary tests, I have no idea.I know she has an inhaler and uses it when I am there. I live in Colorado and she lives in Kansas so going to the doctor would be very hard for me. Do you think she should bring up the horrible urine odor to her doctor?

she should have had spirometry (pulmonary function testing) if the inhaler is not making a difference it is less likely but possible that changing it may-if a low dose that can be increased or the type depending on the brand it is

best thing would be to call her dr and bring up the odor question or be sure that she does since they will more likely encourage her to take care of the problem to lessen inflammation/bronchospasm

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