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TOP OF FOOT Burning,stinging,stabbing,throbbing pain when

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Burning,stinging,stabbing,throbbing pain when resting/sleeping at night.
A puffiness is apparent in line with the big toe and is moving up towards the base of the leg
I am 71 and this condition has been prevalent for 3 months
Do you have any conditions like diabetes?

Have any tests been done for this?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Do not have diabetes
Had a number of blood tests done a few weeks ago and all were normal
The commonest causes of such sensations are:

Lumbar disc lesion (disc prolapse or disc degenration): This may be associated with pain in the back and weakness of the leg.

Peripheral neuropathy:this is due to detoriation of nerve function which occurs gradually with age.

Vascular insufficiency: Atherosclerosis of arteries, spasm, etc, may cause vascular insufficiency.

In your case, this is most likely to be Peripheral Neuropathy.

Peripheral Neuropathy occurs due to weakness of the nerves and gives rise to various sensations in the nerves. This can occur due to diabetes, thyroid disorders, stress, anxiety, aging, etc. In your case, both your age and the fact that you have hypothyroidism could contribute to this.

You should consult a Neurologist for this. You may need tests like Nerve conduction tests to diagnose your condition.

Some general measures that are routinely advised for this are:

Maintaining optimum weight: this is essential
Proper diet: a diet containing a lot of natural foods like salads and fruits, and also fish.
vitamin supplements:Vitamin B and Vitamin E supplements are available at all pharmacies and is very helpful in this.
Exercise: exercise is the most important. Regular long walks of at least 30 minutes four to five times a week is necessary.
Treating stress and depression where present.

You can look up here:

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