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What is cortical cyst upper pole left kidney - how dangerous

Customer Question

What is cortical cyst upper pole left kidney - how dangerous is this type of cyst? Could this turn into cancerous cyst?
Should I be doing annything regard this symptom or ignore this?
I have been through utrine cancer and had rediation treatment for it.
This was in 2001. Complet hystractomy was done.
I went to the hospital with asthma's attack and some tests were done.
The report was as follows:
(this report's meaning was not explained to me as such)
' There is some linear atelectasis or fibrosis in the lower lobes.
The patchy airspace desease in the right upper lobe abd to leasser extent the linfula is nonspecific. cannot exclude some pneumonitis.'
Does all these info in layman's term mean that I have a cyst on my kidney and my lungs are scared?
How serious is this?
What shall I do regarding this?
Thank you
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  HouseDoc replied 6 years ago.
Dr. Amit M. Shelat : Hello welcome to just answer.
Dr. Amit M. Shelat : It is very common and occurs in about 50% of people over the age of 50. Renal cysts account for 60-65% of all renal masses. Many people have them and it is usually benign. A cyst is defined as a membranous sac containng fluid. A simple renal cyst is a classification given to renal cysts that "appear round or oval... without infections, calcifications, septations or divisions of its walls. Most of these lesions are benign simple cysts that require no further evaluation, intervention or urologic
Dr. Amit M. Shelat : Atelectasis is the collapse of the airspaces which also results in the visual impression of increased soft tissue density. This makes it impossible to distinguish infiltrates from atelectasis on the basis of visual density alone. Considering other factors is therefore required. Atelectasis must have volume loss by definition (collapse of airspaces must reduce lung volume), whereas infiltrate does not.
Dr. Amit M. Shelat : As you have fibrosis in lower lobes and airspaces means lungs are not getting filled with air showing some pneumonia you should be concerned and should see a pulmonary specialist for better treatment.

The mention of linear (meaning what - the lining in the lungs?) atelectasis


How do I make it sure what it is? What are the test I have to go through to find out what it is.


What is the difference between reporologist and pulmonary specialist?

Dr. Amit M. Shelat : Linear means line of tissue which does not expand in the lungs. You would need chest dray for further testing. In US it is named pulmonologist and in Canada this type of specialist is named Respirologist for repiratory disorder.