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Dr .Saha
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Having a very small amount of blood tinged mucus in morning

Resolved Question:

having a very small amount of blood tinged mucus in morning for about 2 weeks.
no signs o infection...I am a 50 year old female who never smoked. I was taking lisinopril for high blood pressure and stopped because of cough. Cough stopped,however, small blood tinged mucus is still noted on some mornings.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr .Saha replied 6 years ago.
Thank you for the information,

There are different causes of blood mixed mucus.

The common cause of blood mixed mucus is infection of the respiratory tract.

When you are taking Z pack, it seems doctor has diagnosed a respiratory tract infection.

Chest X ray was clear, so it may not be in the lungs.

It can be in the upper respiratory tract.

Several common bacterial or viral infection can cause blood in the sputum.

Other causes are tuberculosis, bronchitis, tumor, trauma, blood disorder, heart cause, kidney disease, immunological disorder etc.

In reflux sometimes, blood in the sputum can be found.

In some cases it can come from mouth or gum.

Lisinopril can cause cough, but unlikely to cause blood tinged mucus.

In next visit with doctor, you should discuss those issues, if the symptom persist.

If he feels he will proceed to investigate to find out the exact cause and appropriate treatment can be taken.

I hope this information helps.

Please feel free for any follow up query.

Happy to assist, if you need any further clarification.

Best wishes.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
as I said he does not think I have an infection...he gae me z-pack just in case...I just was wondering if a small amount of blood tinged mucus could be very serious with no other symptoms
Expert:  Dr .Saha replied 6 years ago.
As you do not have any other symptom, it can be difficult to predict.

If your symptoms persist after finishing the Z-pack, you should take a referral for a pulmonologist for evaluation.

If you find my answer helpful, please press the accept button so that I can be compensated for my time & work.

Best of health.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
one last question...could small amount of blood tinged mucus in morning be a has not gotten any worse in two weeks the two weeks and seems to be getting a little better
Expert:  Dr .Saha replied 6 years ago.
Tumor can not be ruled out entirely.

If the symptoms persist, it should be the first thing to rule out.

When you feeling improvement, you can hope for the better.
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