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Dermadoc, Doctor
Category: Medical
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What could cause a fishy smell in my groin area I am male

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What could cause a fishy smell in my groin area? I am male and thought I had a fungal rash, used an anti fungal cream and rash gone but now have a fishy odor.

Dermadoc :

fishy odour is caused due to bacterial and fungal infection combined.

Customer: So do I need to go to dr for antibiotics to treat bacterial? What causes this?
Dermadoc :

u need to apply lotrimin cream and fucidin cream for a week.

Dermadoc :

if it resolves there is no need for oral antibiotics.

Dermadoc :

if it doesnt then u will need to be treated first with oral antifungals and then with oral antibiotics.

Customer: I have used lotrimin 2 times, not a full week. I never heard of the other one, is it in the same section at the store? Do you know what can cause the bacterial infection?
Dermadoc :

its a range of bacteria which are present a lot of times in the groins, they grow when there is a favourable environment.

Dermadoc :

thats what causes it.

Dermadoc :

usually the creams may be effective, u may need a prescription for fucidin cream.

Dermadoc :

please let me know if you have any queries.


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Customer: So I should call the dr to see if they can prescribe or if I have to go in?
Customer: Yes this info has been useful and convenient. I appreciate the help.
Dermadoc :

u r welcome.

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