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I have a low grade fever of 99.7 F, have had diarrhea for the

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I have a low grade fever of 99.7 F, have had diarrhea for the past 3 days, and I'm about a week late for my period. I haven't had penetrating sex lately, but it's possible that some sperm got inside. Could I be pregnant?

I can understand your anxiety.

If you have regular periods than it is likely that you are pregnant {considering delay of 1 week}.

However fever and diarrhea worry me. It suggest that you have some infection at the bowel loops {viral, bacterial or parasitic}. There is a possibility that with infection and weakness one may get delayed periods. Pregnancy test will give us more answers.

A physical evaluation along with few investigations like blood and stool evaluation, ultrasound of abdomen and pelvis will give us the severity of infection if any at the abdomen.

You need to keep yourself well hydrated {to avoid dehydration due to diarrhea}/ have easy to digest food/ avoid alcohol, smoking or caffeine.

Please do not worry, you will be fine soon. God bless
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I've had food poisoning in the past and it manifested as diarrhea instead of vomiting. I guess I'm worried that this is my form of morning sickness. My family also has a history of fertility.

I would have though so too BUT fever does not accompany morning sickness. It makes me think of infection as my first bet.