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Dr. Lori
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I recently tested positive for valium which I DO NOT TAKE! I

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I recently tested positive for valium which I DO NOT TAKE! I do take strattera, topamax, lortab, synthroid, bumex, My thyroid is way out of the normal range reading 75.0000 when the norm should be between 4.0-6000. I have adrennal failure due to an accident. Can these meds show up a false positive for Valium? Now I also take over the counter tylenol. I also have been chewing the Green tea diet gum would that possible cause a false positve? I am a little baffled over this, along with very offended.... Please help me wth info to clear my name and lab results.. This was done in a urine test I do not know what lab they sent the urine off too... Please once again any help or advice you can give me would be welcomed.

Hi there-

Sorry for what you are experiencing. First, you must know that urine tests they do on the spot and give you answers that day can often show false-positives for many drugs for many reasons. Why and how really depends on the test.

So, if they told you at the time of your visit that you were positive for valium, this is only a drug SCREEN. Your urine should have then been sent out to the lab that confirms the test by measuring the exact amount of every drug seen. The drugs are measured at VERY low concentrations, and this confirmation test picks up everything. It would have said if the original screen was true, or a false positive as you correctly mentioned you were looking into.

The confirmatory drug test is the accurate answer, and until this is done- you should be considered innocent until proven guilty!

Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with on this- but your main question is--- Did they confirm the drug screen with a GC-MS study or not. If are still innocent.

I hope this is helpful. Also- you want to consider if you had been given any sedative for a procedure or a medicine for dental care, an ER visit etc- it is also possible you got a benzodiazepene that breaks down into the same ones as valium. So this is something else to consider.

I hope this is helpful for you, and I will answer any questions you have about this.

But keep fighting! If this was helpful, please click the green "accept " button. This is how experts receive credit for our work. Otherwise, JA holds your deposit and I will not get credit for helping you.

Again- feel free to ask any question you feel you need to-- that is why I am here, to help. And, if you did not have a GCMS sent out on your urine, you can assume (and the doctors should too) that the test IS a false positive until PROVEN positive by a GC-MS study. The medicines that you listed do not produce this false test, but a faulty strip, bad cup, contamination- there are still other possibilities.

GC-MS....and you are innocent until PROVEN positive.

BE STRONG! I am here for you as you need more input anytime-

My Best--

Hang in there, and keep the energy up to fight it!

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