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My brother is extremely moody and when He feels threatened

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My brother is extremely moody and when He feels threatened or hurt he lashes out saying nasty hurtful things. Restless and over emotional. Any ideas to what causes this and how to help him see this problem

If he think that he has no problems and therefore don't require any professional help it will be indeed very difficult to pursue him to see a professional.

Although the information you provided is too little to comment upon the possible diagnosis but he appears to have problems related to anger outburst and certain symptoms which are commonly reported by patients suffering from depression.

In his case Cognitive Behavior Therapy could be useful. You can just ask him to go through the link I am giving below and may be after reading this he will have some insight and will be willing to seek professional help.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

I hope this helps.



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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I am concerned because he has a child on the way and he is treating his wife horribly. Calling her names and putting her down saying she is worthless and he hates her. He frequently does this with her, as well as woman in general. I am on solo and when not taking it I get emotional like this and angry. Is this the same for him?
Well the difference between you two is that you seem to have a wonderful insight about your problems and symptoms but not your brother.
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