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What does BNP stand for and what does it indicate if the

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What does BNP stand for and what does it indicate if the level is 4727 when the normal range is <73. Thank You
Whay was this test ordered?

Any other tests done?

Are you having kidney problems?

I am still online while you provide me the above info.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
It wasnt me but my friend who had aortic stenosis and went into hospital with very bloated abdomen and jaundice with vomiting. He was male and 46 years old and they didnt really take him seriously at all and were going to send him home but he died and I have his notes and I am going through them. This was a result of a blood test they did. His Alanine Transaminase was 57 and his bilirubin was 52 and his total protein was 62 the other results were within normal limits but his BNP result seems astronomical.
BNP is brain natriuretic peptide.

When the heart muscle is under significant stress it releases compounds that are designed to help it compensate. One class of these compounds is the natriuretic peptides. These work to help the kidney get rid of excess fluid. The best known of these are BNP (brain natriuretic peptide) and NT pro-BNP. Levels of these “peptides” can be measured in the blood. In the presence of significant breathing problems, low levels of these peptides make heart failure unlikely to be the cause. As symptoms worsen in heart failure, levels of these compounds increase. As a result, an elevated BNP level suggests that heart failure is present. A higher level of BNP indicates that a worse degree of heart failure is likely. This indicates a more serious prognosis.

Routine monitoring of BNP levels may be helpful in determining how patients are responding to their medications.

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