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Maroon colored stool

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Maroon colored stool
This would imply blood that has turned darker, so from higher up in the bowel
If it is not blood and is maroon, beets will color stool like this.

however, maroon stools from bleeding are usually more significant bleeding than hemorrhoids and more ominous in many cases
good luck

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
if the bleeding is from higher up in the GI tract the stool can appear to be maroon?
Or is the blood on or in the stool maroon?
I am still not understanding -

Hypothetically - If the maroon color is from an upper Gi bleed would the blood be unmistakable - i.e. I would be able to say "oh yeah that is blood" - as opposed to "hey the stool on the toilet paper after that wipe was consistently tinted? The entire movement -alomost as if under a tinted light.
If higher in the colon, maroon, or from the small intestine
you would not be able to say...blood, but it could be tested with a guiac card to see if it is blood.
good luck again

Let me know if you have further questions:

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Relist: Answer quality.
All I want to know is if the stool itself is maroon or is the blood colored maroon. There is a big differance. My OCD could be causing me to worry because the light in the bathroom is causing me to see a different color brown. If the shit on the paper is a different color - the actual stool-not anything in it, or on it- the way a specific color pf playdoh would look- is this a "bloody stool" There is not differentiation between the stool and anything else - it is a consistent color - a different tint

Hello and welcome to JustAnswer,

Let me try to help. There really is only one way to find out if this color change that goes throughout the stool is from blood and it is to get a hemoccult test.... A simple stool test that will tell right away if this is blood or not. As mentioned above, if blood is in the stomach it gets digested and turns the stool black.... if the bleeding is between the stomach and the farthest down part of the large intesting you COULD indeed have a maroon stool from bleeding into the intestin, usually small or first part of the large intesting. If the bleeding is closure to the anus then the blood appears red. So the easy answer is to visit an urgent care or your physician, take in a small sample of this stool in a plastic container and have the hemoccult test run. It takes less than 5 minutes to get the result. Then when it is negative you can relax. I hope this helps, but there is not way to tell you based on your description whether this is caused by blood or not.


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Really? If the bleed has turned my stool entirely maroon - again, not parts but the enitre make-up of the stool a different color - does an entirely maroon stool mean a heavy bleed? Would subsequent bowel movements look the same ? What if the color changes if I walk into another room with different lighting? This service is worthless if the doctor's are too afraid to give their goddam opinions - these answers I can get from a book - I do not want a generic answer - I am 32 years old - completely healthy - Physicals every year - I have OCD-again-obsessive compulsive disorder- This disorder started when I was 13 years old when I saw blood in the toilet after a BM - for almost twenty years I have dealt with an abnormal concern with my BM's - It is not blood - the tint of the Stool is just different. Bot***** *****ne - I want the OPINION of the doctor reviewing this Q. I do not want the "safe" answer - go see a doctor- I have before - I want peace of mind - So, If I had blood in my stool 20 years ago and now the bleed is so severe that it has turned my entire BM maroon - would I need to be docmented as some miracle case - or should I chalk it up to poor lighting in a room that is painted a pinkish hue and overactive imagination due to OCD? I check and check and check and check- If the stool is maroon from a bleed , would it be consistently maroon day after day? What if it happens once? What other symptoms would I be having if it was cancer and the stage of cancer was cauing the entire BM to be a different color??? Please don't give me an answer I can look up on a different site.
Hello. My goal is to help you find an answer! I'm sorry you weren't happy with the first answer. I think the above doc was onto something there. I would like to ask you a couple additional questions. 1)Do you take any over the counter pain meds like motrin or ibuprofen or advil? 2)Do you drink any alcohol?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I usually do not take ibu - but . . . I took an 800 miligram the night before for pain in my fingertips from playing guitar . 800 i realized is quite a bit . . . alcohol? . . . yep drank more than usual the day bfeore as well - bud's b-day --- I hope that explains it!
sir. I think you gave yourself an upper GI bleed. Likely gastritis or an ulcer. The motrin and alcohol probably did a nice job of tearing up the stomach lining. Obviously you need to see a doc but you also need to get yourself some carafate (from the pharamcy) and prilosec. I would take prilosec 20mg twice a day before meals, carafate and see your doc. You should be okay. Avoid aspiring, ibuprofen, advil, aleve, and alcohol.
Dr. Phil, MD, Medical Doctor
Category: Medical
Satisfied Customers: 55816
Experience: Medical Doctor Trained at a Top Academic Institution
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