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Back pain - under rib cage on right side in the back. Starts

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Back pain - under rib cage on right side in the back. Starts at night right after I lay down in bed.

It will continue for about an hour. Sharp pains. I've been taking a Hydrocodone that was prescribed for another reason and it helps.

What could be causing this. I am a 57 year old male with a history of osteoarthritis.

Hello and welcome to JustAnswer

Do you have pain in right side of abdomen radiating to back? Nausea? Are you overweight? Is the pain severe? Is the pain localized? Any other symptoms?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

No pain in the abdomen - just in the back.

no nausea

About 10-12 lbs overweight

pain is extremely uncomfortable up to serious meaning it takes my breath away or causes me to hold my breath. I wouldn't go as far as saying it was severe.

Pain is localized - just the one spot.

no other symptoms.

This can be due to Kidney stone and should be evaluated by doctor.

Renal colic pain can be happen all of a sudden and can be very severe at times. A clinical examination is necessary for diagnosis. Ultrasound should be done for diagnosis.

Take plenty of fluids, and take Tab motrin twice a day. If the pain is severe, then painkiller injections can be given. Also anti-spasmodic medication will be prescribed.

If pain is not controlled, please rush to ER.

Other possibility is- pinched nerve, and thereby pain in the back. It is diagnosed with help of MRI of spine. Treatment is-physical therapy oral medications, if required epidural steroid injections may be considered.

Please see your doctor for diagnosis and get it managed.

Kind regards

Dr Robert.

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