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what food can a person eat after a polyp surgical removal in

Resolved Question:

what food can a person eat after a polyp surgical removal in the colon
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. German replied 6 years ago.
Hi, welcome to justanswer , although in most cases, after having a polypectomy( polyp surgical removal), most patients could return to their normal diet ( the same day or the day after having the surgery ) .
Every patient is different and according to your specific situation ,your doctor will tell you what you can or not eat and will give you specific recommendations that you will need to follow .
It is advisable that you avoid certain types of foods( the first 2-3 days ) including :
2-Caffeinated Beverages( including chocolate milk,energy drinks,coffee)
3-Spicy Foods
4-Cola drinks
5-Do not drink tea
6-Avoid eating high fat products and fried food
7-Avoid high seasoned foods with a lot of onion,garlic and tomato sauce
On the long-term basis, It is extremely important to follow some measures that will reduce the risk of develop colon polyps in the future like :
1-Avoid alcohol
2- Having a high fiber diet (with fruits ,vegetables and whole grains )
3-Do not smoke
4-Limit the consumption of read meat
5-Maintain a healthy weight and a good exercise program ( that is approved by your doctor).
6-Try to have foods that are rich sources of calcium ( calcium could reduce the risk of developing colon polyps ) like low fat milk,broccoli or salmon.
Your doctor will determine if you will need to have other colonoscopy in the future to prevent and diagnose the development of new polyps.
You should avoid certain things after a polypectomy ( the first 5-7 days ) like :
1-Do not lift anything that weights 5 pounds
2-Avoid traveling
3-Avoid vigorous physical activity like running
If you experience symptoms like : fever,chills,redness,swelling,intense pain,nausea,vomiting,breathing difficulty,chest pain,swollen abdomen or if your stools look black or too dark.
You must contact a doctor immediately , you could be experiencing complications that must be treated immediately.
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