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Dr.Anil, Doctor
Category: Medical
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My shins hurt all the time. Expecially when I walk up stairs

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My shins hurt all the time. Expecially when I walk up stairs or an incline. When I have my foot rest up on my easy chair and one of my dogs steps on my shin the pain is unbarebale. My dogs are weinner dogs. I do not run.
Welcome to and thanks for your question.
Are both shins involved?
Do you have lower back pain ?
Pain in front of thighs?
Numbness and tingling sensation on affected area?
Do you have pain in calves?
Swelling , skin discoloration , redness on affected area?
Any history of diabetes , hypertension , arthritis ,etc?
Since how long have you been suffering from ?
Are you taking any medications ?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
both shins, no lower back pain, sometimes the front of my thighs hurt also. no numbness, tonight i started feeling tingling on the top of my feet. no pain in my calves, feels swollen but does not look swollen, no skin discoloration or redness. my family does have a history of diabetes and hypertension. I have been suffering with this for a few years my regular doctor says it is shin splints but shouldn't that heal after a while if it is. I take 50 mg of Losartan for hypertension.
Thanks for providing more information .
Well as you describe there may be following possibilities in your case-
Shin splints
Peripheral neuropathy
Poor circulation
Pinched nerve in Lumbosacral spine
So you need to be undergo further investigations like MRI/X-ray of Lumbosacral spine , EMG/NCV test ,Color doppler study of lower limbs for further evaluation .
You should take OTC Motrin and elevate your legs .
Apply ice packs on affected area.
You should wear orthotics .
You can also go for physical therapy .
Also keep yourself hydrated with plenty of fluids and Gatorade as dehydration can also result in pain in lower legs.
I suggest you to consult your doctor and as per required your doctor may either refer you to Neurologist or Vascular specialist for further evaluation and management .
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