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very hot and is burning my anus and also causing throbbing piles

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For the past 2 - 3 weeks I have had explosive diahorrea which last night and now tonight kept me up all night - having to dash to the loo at around 30 minute intervals, also sometimes 5 to 6 times an hour. The liquid that comes out is yellow and sometimes paler. It is now very hot and is burning my anus and also causing throbbing piles. I just accidentally splashed some on my hand and felt how scalding it was so am wondering what to do as terribly painful with nothing that will give relief. I have been diagnosed with diabetes type II and started taking metformin but haven't taken it for the past couple of months. Would you have any suggestions about how to get some relief - kaolin and morphine and immodium don't seem to make any impact on this.
Greetings. Any fever or blood in the diarrhea?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I have outbreaks of sweating and feeling nauseous. My nose gets very cold and my face is covered in sweat. I cannot see any blood in the diarrhea.

Have you been checking your blood sugars? Any weight gain or weight loss? Recent travel or exposure to untreated water (like from a stream or pond)?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I have not been checking my blood sugars as doctor didn't seem to think I needed to - although I bought a kit if need to.


I did lose 2 stone when I started on metformin in November 2010.


It could be possible that I have had exposure to untreated water - I did my garden the other week and this involved contact with rubbish to throw out that could have had stagnant water on it (possibly even rat's urine?). In the course of working I got some small cuts and bruises etc on my hands, arm. I remember clearing some very old leaves out of the domestic drain with my hands.


Also at the weekends we have a place by a lake that I go to. Just back from Cornwall yesterday too - by the sea - but I haven't travelled abroad for a while.

Thanks for the additional information. Skin exposure to dirty water does not usually cause intestine trouble, but some of the things which can cause several weeks of persistent diarrhea are infectious disorders such as giardia. This and other infectious causes are typically ruled out by bringing a fresh stool sample to the doctor who sends it to the lab to look for Ova & Parasites.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
But what relief can I get for it right now as it is 12.30 at night here and I won't be able to get to a doctor until Monday earliest and in lot of pain?
Are you having discomfort externally in your anus or in your belly?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Not sure if last response went or not.


But I said that the anus is burning.


When I go it is in response to cramps. Each time it makes it hurt more externally. Lot of flatulence too.


Was concerned it might be something serious?

Many people experience a lot of external discomfort and irritation when they have had diarrhea for several weeks, but the fact that it is severe and not improving with the measures you have tried is concerning. Aside from warm baths and a heating pad, it seems that you have tried everything. One condition which can cause a sense of irritation on the outside could be irritation in the rectum (proctitis). Something called diverticulitis (infection in the wall of the lower parts of the colon) can cause diarrhea and severe cramping. If the discomfort really is unbearable, going to the emergency department for a thorough exam to rule out some of these more serious causes rather than waiting to see one's own doctor is a good idea.
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