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Camille RN
Camille RN, Nurse
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Sharp burning sensation on the right side of my waist.

Resolved Question:

I have a sharp, burning sensation on my right side of my waist. This only occurs if I bend incorrectly or while trying to exercise (like jumping jacks) and it will literally stop me in my tracks. I have no other pain anywhere else, nor do I have any issues urinating. I went to an E-Care facility and they performed an x-ray and said there were no kidney stones and that it "could" be shingles. It is a little swollen right where the sharp burning pain occurs when I move the wrong way (almost in the middle of my waist on my right side where a man's pants would rest).

Already Tried:
I went to an E-Care and they dismissed it as kidney stones, however I have no other signs of this and I firmly believe it is something else.

Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Camille RN replied 6 years ago.

Welcome to JustAnswer
Is the pain on the skin or deep?

JACUSTOMER-2yoxwksl- :
It seems more or less right under the skin. If I apply pressure on the area, I'm fine. I can jump, bend, do whatever. But if I don't, it's a terrible burn

CamilleRN :
What if you run your fingers LIGHTLY over the skin in that area... does it hurt? Any redness?

JACUSTOMER-2yoxwksl- :
nope, none...and I can apply more pressure and no pain what-so-ever. It's only when I bend over on that side or jump around, or make an odd movement. It's smack dab in the middle of my waist, right above where my pants are, on the right side that is

CamilleRN :
Then I do not think it is shingles... shingles makes the skin very sensitive to light touch. When you are bending you are compressing something... when you are exercising this kind of pain that stops you suddenly is usually due to what is called a side stitch.

Side stitches are a muscle spasm of the diaphragm which is the muscle that separates the chest cavity from the abdominal cavity. Movement of the internal organs can pull and strain the diaphragm causing this pain. Most people get the side stitch on the right below the ribs.

JACUSTOMER-2yoxwksl- :
Yes, I am familiar with the side stitch but could a side stitch also occur a day after the workout? For instance, I worked out on Wed. Today is Fri, and I am still feeling the pain. I went to start working out this morning and I was warming up and felt the pain when I went to do a jumping jack

CamilleRN :
yes it could
Here is an article that tells more about it plus tips on how to avoid it in the future:

JACUSTOMER-2yoxwksl- :
See this isn't right below the ribs though, this is all the way down at the bottom of my waist, where my shorts fit. Also, i'm not a runner. I practice a martial art called jiu-jitsu. The side stitch symptoms do not fit mine based on what I'm reading

CamilleRN :
Have you ever had abdominal surgery?

JACUSTOMER-2yoxwksl- :

CamilleRN :
That's good:-) Well... trying to think what could cause this..another possiblilty is when you compress your bowel with bending (?) or jumping around. How close to the liver?

JACUSTOMER-2yoxwksl- :
It reminded me of something that happened about 10 years ago...I was in a bad motorcycle wreck and had nerve damage in my arm. I'll never forget that burning sensation and this feels just like it. It's like someone is giving you one of those "Indian Burns" on your arm where they twist your skin in 2 different directions way below the liver. Would the compressed bowel just start like a day ago?

CamilleRN :
Now I know why the Doctor thought shingles... that is the EXACT description of shingles pain... except people say it is on the skin or right under the skin and it is almost always tender to the touch. Did he give you anything for this?
Bowel pain wouldnt feel like that it is more dull

JACUSTOMER-2yoxwksl- :
He said that if it was shingles, i would have some type of rash popping up and gave me valtrex to fill. So it is right under the skin, the burning pain, but it's not tender to the touch

CamilleRN :
Maybe you are in the earliest of stages. You are also so young for this.. but it still can happen...especially if you are run down or not eating right or stressed out.

Shingles really doesn't present with any otjher signs for most. Usually it starts with a tingling sensation that progresses to tenderness then burning pain... itching..pain

JACUSTOMER-2yoxwksl- :
Yeah, I just started modifying my diet to a really healthy one about 6 weeks ago. I am always stressed though!well, I might as well get the RX filled and take it...can't really hurt to just try it!

CamilleRN :
Yes, if it is shingles it will shorten the severity and duration.

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