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Im 23 male and i have leaking urine and feel like going

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hi doctor im 23 male and i have leaking urine and feel like going toilet more than usual but not a lot comes out i had a problem last yr where my urine use to burn
i got std tests done all negative
also i got my urine checked from the doctor and he said no problem
from what i have read on the internet is that this could be due to over masterbation i am wondering if this is the case and what are they way's to cure this problem thanks
This is not from masturbation
What type of doctor did you see
Did the doctor feel your prostate gland?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Hi doctor i seen the general doctor at the hospital no they did feel my prostate gland what would this indicate?
You might have a prostate gland infection and this might not show up in the urine.
What you would need is an exam to see if the gland is congested.
Sometimes it can be congested without an infection, and it is though that too much or too little ejaculation can sometimes affect this, but this is not clear.
A doctor should feel your prostate gland first, then check the urine or any other fluid that might come out.
Many doctors would just but you on a 2 week course of doxicycline, and antibiotic, to see if this clears up the problem.

If you can find a urologist, this is a doctor who feels a lot of prostates, or an internal medicine doctor...then this might get you a better examination.
good luck
let me know if you have further questions
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
before i compensate you, how urgent would it be to go see the doctor? because im a very busy student and have exams coming up, also last time i went to the doctor she said as there was nothing wrong with the urine she would not give me antibiotics is there a chance she would do the sam again?
She might to the same but It was not correct not to examen your prostate and you might copy and paste these posts and show here.
It is good to follow-up.
If you still have the problem, then at least the prostate should be examined.
Antibiotics are only necessary if it is not clearing up.
Even the antibiotic is a test in this case, as it is often hard to find the bug in prostate infections....
If this continues she should refer you to a urologist.
good luck again
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