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Recently I have been recovering from a broken toe & extreme

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Recently I have been recovering from a broken toe & extreme trauma - swelling, severe bruising from top of my instep to the sole of my left foot ( caused by heavy objects falling on it ). i have been wearing a pressure bandage and moon boot for 6 weeks. After this the swelling in my foot as not subsided, my Doctor ordered more x-rays and ultra sound suspecting a tendon tear etc. On looking at my blood results he discovered that I have very high levels of Uric Acid which he says is causing the swelling in my foot ( whole of my foot ). i have been taking Allopurinol Sandoz 300mg once daily for a week now and still no relief. my foot is very painful and still swollen and at night it hurts for sheets etc to be on it. When I walk it is very painful and by nighttime is extreme. Upon getting out of bed in the morning i suffer from pins & needles and pain in my feet making it painful to walk. Is this normal ? What can I do to fix this ? My Doctor also checked my bloodpressure which is very high for me, ' 186 '. it is normally around 117 / 80 or 90. He said to come back in 5 days and to avoid salt. What can I do to fix this ?
Hi Sir or Madam,
It is certainly not normal to have persistent swelling for so long.

There area few diagnoses which may be present in addition to the broken toe and /or gout.

Though rare, it is possible to have a blood clot in one of the leg veins resulting from the pain and immobility because of a fracture. This needs to be investigated with doppler ultrasound and if present needs medical treatment on a priority basis.

A Lisfranc injury is a midfoot injury that can occur because of a heavy object dropped on the foot. This would cause persistent pain and swelling. Please read more about this at this link

The management of blood pressure starts with salt restriction, stress reduction, physical exercise, DASH diet before starting drugs. Please read this information for more details.

I would recommed visiting an orthopedic surgeon for evaluation of your foot injury.

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