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What would be the cause of slight vaginal bleeding? I am 73

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What would be the cause of slight vaginal bleeding? I am 73 years old and way past menapause. Also, should it be a cause for urgent concern, I have no other symptoms?


I must explain to you that while it is not an emergency, it is usually something doctors would want to give immediate attention at least to determine the cause.

It is medically referred to as Post-menopausal bleeding, and the usual causes range from benign things like severe infections like Chronic cervicitis, Fibroids and Polyps to Endometrial cancers.

It could also be due to things as harmless as severe loss of weight, taking of hormone replacement therapy, and exercise.

However you will need a gynecological examination by a doctor, followed by Pelvic ultrasound and Biopsy.

Therefore you need to get an appointment to see a Gynecologist ASAP

Most of the causes are treatable.

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